Want to get started on investing? Here are some tips

Want to get started on investing? Here are some tips

SINGAPORE - Youth, they say, is wasted on the young. Yet, the only ones who believe that are in the winter years of their lives.

But in terms of investing, that well-worn saying couldn't be further from the truth.

Time on one's side, as the young have in spades, is probably the single biggest advantage anyone can have when it comes to investing.

Have a fetish for dividends? Imagine that compounded over a longer horizon.

Need to ride out the bust-boom cycles? It'll be less stomach-churning if you've got time to suffer the slips and slides.

Naturally, more time to plump up the savings means you need to put aside less and still get to see it grow more.

So, it's easy to appreciate the sense in starting out early even as the young ones are busy glamming up for a party night, frolicking on the football field or burying their faces in books to add more frills to their resumes.

There's hope. Anecdotal evidence in Singapore suggests that the number of young investors is rising, with most starting out with an average of $10,000 to invest.

The variety of trading platforms introduced by stockbroking houses for young investors further cements the notion that this is a segment that is growing and can't be ignored.

This gadget-savvy generation are also more likely to carry out their trading via online platforms.

Being a novice investor today is much easier than it was a decade ago. Access to information, use of technology and availability of multiple platforms have made it so easy to buy stocks and other asset classes.

The young are more likely to self-trade than their elders, partly motivated by a need to cut costs and partly due to their craving for seamlessness and immediacy in their pursuit of financial freedom.

There is much the older generation can re-learn from the young, such as the joys of spontaneity and the liberating trait, fearlessness.

But here are some takeaways which novice investors can learn from their more experienced counterparts who have logged more investing years.

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