Want more lady luck? Try fengshui

Want more lady luck? Try fengshui

When clients want Mr Zen Neo to guarantee that "the money will come rolling in", the fengshui consultant's standard response is: "I'd like that too.

"And if I can guarantee you that, you'd not be seeing me now."

The man, who is in his early 50s, says in a mix of English and Mandarin: "Such demands irk me. How can you expect success without hard work?"

People pay geomancers for life analyses based on a person's date and time of birth. These fengshui masters also help in selection of auspicious dates for various types of occasions, auspicious names for people and companies, and personal characteristics appraisals.

Mr Neo's fees can range from $88 for a simple date selection to as high as "some tens of thousands" for a more "elaborate" reading.

His profession has garnered him a semi-detached bungalow "somewhere in Bukit Timah" and he alternates between driving two luxury cars.

He gets annoyed when he hears snide suggestions about his wealth.

"Why can't geomancers be rich? Please, you are paying for expert advice and of course, that means we are qualified professionals," defends Mr Neo, who has been practising fengshui for nearly 30 years.

The wealth of fengshui masters became a hot topic of late when well-known geomancer Goh Chuen Meng, tried to take out a court injunction to prevent his long-term mistress from selling two properties.

A national newspaper carried a diagram charting the various relationships between the master and his women.

When Mr Neo is asked about the case, he bellows with laughter.

He adds: "I can tell you honestly that there are at least three women in my life right now and I treat all of them fairly.

"Do I love them? Of course. But I can also tell you that from the reading of my personal life analysis, one relationship looks set to end soon...and a new one will begin soon."

Mr Neo confesses that he uses his reading expertise to seek new partners - particularly "the ones who can complement certain aspects in my life or career positively".

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