WATOOM, Inc., a manufacturer of CYANO Dive Computer, announced the launch of the crowd funding service, 'Kick Starter' project, in mid-October and is praying for the project's success.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- CYANO Dive Computer, which launched the brand through International KSPO Show (Seoul, Korea) in February 2017, received positive comments from sports divers, diving instructors, diving related industries, and media by participating in the International Boat Show (Ilsan, Korea) in May 2017 and ORSM show (Salt Lake City, USA) in July, 2017.

CYANO, a trendy and compact design of Dive Computer product
CYANO, a trendy and compact design of Dive Computer product

CYANO dive computer will be officially launched and sold in April 2018. However, requests from buyers from various countries and divers' purchase orders have been continuing before the launch.

CYANO adopts a trendy and compact design that have not applied to the existing dive computers, so it can be worn in everyday life. User-friendly UI, wireless charging, and slide strap replacement methods are combined to highlight the convenience and characteristics of each user. Also, CYANO strengthens its durability and firmness with high quality materials such as SUS316L Stainless Steel/ Silicone.

With CYANO's exclusive application, it is possible to manage dive log, share on SNS, change the theme of clock, and set up.

In addition, 'safety', the most important part to have as a dive computer, is given the top priority by adopting a warning notification alarm function for each danger, and the diver can easily check his/her condition through the function; NDL real time, rising speed real time bar, DECO 2-minute advanced notification, decompression stop depth warning message (up & down signal), etc.

WATOOM, Inc., a manufacturer, announced the launch of the crowd funding 'Kick Starter' project in mid-October and is praying for the project's success.

During the Kick Starter project period, which will be held for 40 days from mid-October, WATOOM will also be participating in the DEMA Show 2017 (Orlando, USA), which will be held from November 1st to 4th in the United States. Watoom is anticipating meeting international divers, people from diving industries, and buyers from all over the world.

The official specifications of CYANO Dive Computer are as follows.

- CYANO 2 Modes

Diving Mode

Watch Mode

No-decompression limit

Diving time

Water depth

Water temperature

Diving log


Present Time


Watch (digital/analog)


- General Specifications

  • Display: 1.54" IPS LCD panel
  • Glass material: K1 glass
  • Case material: stainless 316L
  • Case back material: ABS+GF20%
  • Band material: silicon
  • Band swapping: easy-slide
  • Compatible bands: 42mm apple watch bands or any 24mm strap
  • Water resistance: up to 100m
  • Battery type and capacity: Li-Polymer, 350mAh
  • Charging type and time: wireless charging Qi, under 10 mins.
  • Battery life: up to 10hrs in Diving mode, over 48hrs in Watch mode, over 15 days in Standby mode
  • Smartphone app: Android / iOS
  • Dive log: saves dive data for up to 125 dives, wireless synchronization via mobile app to save digital dive logs

- Diving Specifications

  • Decompression model: Bluehmann ZH-L16C
  • Type of gas: Air/Nitrox/Gauge
  • Nitrox set-up: 21%~99%
  • Safety stop: depth/time display
  • No-Decompression Limits: time display
  • Decompression time: depth/time display
  • Diver position display: up & down display
  • Other functions: stopwatch, present time, compass, speed alarm, battery indicator, EAN display, depth alarm, and flight recovery time

Website: http://www.i-cyano.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyano.en 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyano2017/ 
Email: info@i-watoom.com 
Contact: +82-31-8044-8152

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