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Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Introduces Shortform A.I.: Simplifying Video Creation for the Digital Age

Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. Introduces Shortform A.I.: Simplifying Video Creation for the Digital Age

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- South Korean A.I startup Wayne Hills Bryant A.I. (Hereinafter referred to as Wayne Hills) has unveiled Shortform A.I., a cutting-edge tool designed to simplify the creation of short videos, ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

※ Source: Wayne Hills Bryant A.I
※ Source: Wayne Hills Bryant A.I

This innovation is specifically tailored to cater to Gen Z users, who predominantly use mobile devices, and facilitates easy sharing on popular platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels.

Shortform AI enables the creation of diverse content, from campaign promises by politicians to YouTube information summaries and sketch comedies. It aligns with the emerging trend of blending content creation and consumption, leveraging AI automation to deliver concise and impactful information.

A representative of Wayne Hills highlighted, "Given the rising popularity of short-form content and the sharing culture, Shortform AI is set to offer a unique and efficient content creation experience to users."

Recently, Wayne Hills has garnered recognition for its technological advancements, receiving accolades such as the Minister of Science and ICT Award and the Prime Minister's Award at the 23rd Mobile Technology Awards.

Who Can Benefit from Shortform A.I.?

  • For Gen Z Content Creators: Tailored for the mobile-first generation, perfect for creating trendy, shareable videos on popular social media platforms.
  • For Political Campaign Teams: Useful for crafting concise, engaging campaign messages and promises.
  • For YouTubers and Vloggers: Ideal for summarizing information or creating quick, engaging YouTube Shorts.
  • For Comedians and Entertainers: A tool for generating quick, witty sketch comedy content that resonates with a younger audience.
  • For Social Media Enthusiasts: Enhances the experience of everyday social media users, making video creation more accessible and fun.

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