Weihai Is Constructing the Golden Pathway between South Korea and China

WEIHAI, China, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by Crionline:

At Weihai port, ten containers of fishing gears of 100kg are being delivered to Inchon in Korea and then transported to Netherland in five or six days.

The products that are transported by air and by sea are delivered from a Weihai logistics company in a shipment a week. "The combination of air and sea transportation is more cheaper, and many clients would like to choose this transportation mode," the manager from that company said. After the complement of linkage among the four ports from Weihai and Inchon, it will be even more convenient to transport products from Weihai to Inchon. For example, it will take shorter time and less cost.

To promote the construction of the four ports linkage, Weihai is constructing a golden pathway for international logistics between South Korea and China, in order to promote the economic development of the South Korea and China Free Trade Zone in Weihai. The four ports linkage indicates the linkage among Weihai airport, Weihai seaport, Inchon seaport and Inchon airport, and it will fulfill the integration of different processes of international logistics and build a golden logistic pathway in Northeast Asia.

Weihai and Inchon have made achievement in the cooperation in fields like e-commerce, investment, service industry, cultural exchange and so on.

Nowadays, Weihai has five sea routes of transportation to different areas in Korea. Werhai airport also has air link directly to Inchon, and has 35 flights every week. It takes only 45 minuntes from Weihai to Inchon. The convenient transportation has promoted the trade between South Korea and China. Data shows that Weihai's import - export volume with South Korea was 25.498 billion RMB from January to July this year.