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Wemax Go Advanced to be Released: The World's First Ultra-Portable 1080P Laser Projector Designed for Business

Wemax Go Advanced to be Released: The World's First Ultra-Portable 1080P Laser Projector Designed for Business

This pocket-sized plug-and-play projector will be available worldwide starting May 1st — ideal for business presentations, outdoor, or at-home use

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ampula, Inc. is pleased to announce the highly anticipated Wemax Go Advanced ultra-thin pocket-sized 1080P Laser Projector featuring cinema-grade ALPD® Laser Technology, available worldwide beginning May 1st. With its incredible portability and fine-tuned visual features, this new purpose-built projection solution provides users with the ability to project world-class video anytime and anywhere, making it a great companion for both business people and frequent travelers who need a simple and convenient projector that delivers top-notch clarity.

Wemax Go Advanced
Wemax Go Advanced

A first of its kind super-portable projector that sports a sleek and solid structure as thin as one inch, the Wemax Go Advanced represents a massive leap for the Wemax Go series in creating the world's thinnest projector with unrivaled performance.

A true technological marvel, the Wemax Go Advanced is fitted with a cinema-grade ALPD® Laser, the first time in the history of projectors that the world-class Phosphor Laser Technology has been miniaturized into a body no bigger than an iPad. The technology enables a projector as compact as the Wemax Go Advanced to be exceptionally energy-efficient while delivering stellar image quality with vividness and vibrancy, even in environments where ambient light is present.

The Wemax Go Advanced delivers 102% Rec. 709 color gamut and can play an hour and a half of video at true 1080p FHD resolution, projecting sharp and crystal-clear images that come with a whopping 16.7 million distinct colors. With 600 ANSI lumens of brightness, the Wemax Go Advanced is two-times brighter than other projectors of the same size, meaning users can treat themselves to a perfectly clear viewing experience in various ambient light conditions.

Built from the ground up to be a smart projector, the Wemax Go Advanced includes features such as autofocus, intelligent obstacle avoidance, and intelligent screen alignment to give users greater convenience and flexibility. Autofocus enables the Wemax Go Advanced to re-adjust the focus within seconds to keep the image sharp. The intelligent obstacle avoidance feature detects objects on the surface to re-scale the image, while the intelligent screen alignment ensures hassle-free operation and keeps the image within the screen at all times.

The company's patented ALPD® Laser Technology enables the Wemax Go Advanced to consume less power, allowing greater versatility. It contains USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports, giving users more options when charging from a portable power bank or connecting to other third-party devices for expanded functionality.

In addition to the HDMI port, which makes the Wemax Go Advanced the perfect choice for business presentations, users can also take advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules to share content from their iPhone, iPad, Android devices, or laptops. Beyond its unmatched hardware configuration, the Smart OS-powered Wemax Go Advanced also provides an intuitive user interface and easy access to all the mainstream video streaming apps, so users can skip the step of screen mirroring when projecting.

With all of its industry-leading features packed into this unique form factor, the Wemax Go Advanced is a testament to the brand's latest effort to enable users to share rich visual experiences in the business world and during outdoor activities. The product, successfully funded on Indiegogo in January 2022, will be delivered on time to all backers later this month. Starting May 1st, consumers can place orders on Wemax's official website to enjoy 10% off with the discount code: WXA1OFFS

About Ampula, Inc.: WEMAX (an Ampula Inc. brand.) is a California-based technology company on a mission to provide shared rich, visual experiences wherever you go. WEMAX provides one-stop solutions to deliver visual applications that are intelligently connected with your home or small business. The team believes that maximized visual experiences not only increase our daily productivity, but also bring people together and enhance each person's individual experience. WEMAX products create that special moment to enrich the day-to-day aspects of life. 

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