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Wendy's Franchise Operator Wenspok Companies Expands Use of AI in Its Drive-thrus with Berry AI

Wendy's Franchise Operator Wenspok Companies Expands Use of AI in Its Drive-thrus with Berry AI

SPOKANE, Wash., April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Berry AI, a leader in the restaurant AI technology industry, announced today that it's expanding use of camera-based drive-thru timers in partnership with Wenspok Companies, a Spokane-based franchise operator of Wendy's operating 65+ restaurants.

Wenspok began testing Berry's camera-based drive-thru timers last year. The system provides more actionable data than traditional loop timers, is easier to install and maintain, and helps restaurants improve speed of service. The success in testing fueled Wenspok's desire to add the technology to more locations and is committed to an upcoming rollout.

"With Wenspok's desire to build a drive-thru that improves operational efficiency while delivering an elevated guest experience, Berry's camera-based drive-thru timer solution is a natural choice," said Adam Azril, Wenspok's Director of Technology and Training. "The Berry AI platform has exceeded our expectations and we are excited to deploy the solution to more restaurants. Our intention isn't to replace jobs – quite the opposite. The goal is to have the employees focus on higher-value tasks and make their jobs easier over time."

"We're excited to work with Wenspok Companies, an innovative Wendy's franchise operator that constantly finds new ways to improve their world-class operations," said Eric Lam, CEO of Berry AI. "We're grateful for the trust and confidence Wenspok has shown in us as we enter the next phase of our partnership."

"Since COVID, the QSR industry has been investing heavily in the drive-thru," Eric added. "Heavier investments like drive-thru layout remodels will take years to realize, while lighter technologies like Berry's only require  a simple install of a few cameras and can retrofit existing stores, providing a fast path to system-wide impact."

Eric estimates there's over 200,000 drive-thrus in the country and predicts that in five years, tens of thousands of locations will adopt the camera-based drive-thru timer technology. "It's just such a no-brainer. Sales goes up, food costs go down, and guests are more satisfied," Eric explains.

Berry AI said it has the most penetrated camera-based drive-thru AI technology in the industry. Since its founding in 2019, Berry AI has been on a mission to improve the QSR guest experience and is in active partnerships with numerous top-50 QSR brands.

About Berry AI
Berry AI is the leading provider of camera-based AI technology to help fast food chains measure and improve operations. Berry AI delivers a next-generation data platform to help QSR operators reshape the customer experience and is expanding rapidly. Berry AI team consists of former operators of McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and Little Caesars and has been working with multiple global top-10 fast food chains around the world. To learn more, visit

About Wenspok Companies
Wenspok Companies is a franchise operator of Wendy's operating 65+ restaurants between 11 states in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest. For more information, visit

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