Westwin Shares Insights On Global Marketing Strategies Amid Changing International Landscape

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Westwin, a leading marketing and consulting firm that focuses on cross-border business, was invited to deliver a speech with the topic "The Power of Brand Story" at the forum "Most Effective Ways to Go Global." The forum was organized by Icicle Group, sharing its vision of how Chinese companies can form overseas marketing strategy when they first land overseas amid the rapidly-changing international landscape fueled by the trade war. The event was held at the Ali Center in Shenzhen.

Panelists included Larry You, Marketing Manager of Westwin; Jordan Heathfield, Director of Strategy & Growth of Icicle Group; Marco Marranini, Chief Operating Officer in Europe of Open Influence; and Edward Pang, VP of BYD. The cross-border marketing experts shared their experience in how to tell a Chinese brand's core story and value to overseas audiences, deal with an overseas PR crisis, manage a pool of overseas online influencers, and build a brand abroad from scratch. The panel attracted participants from companies in the fields of the internet, energy, mobile communication, chemical engineering, and medicine, among others.

Larry You pointed out that many people at the event have voiced their concern with the complex circumstance under the ongoing trade war. It is particularly important for Chinese brands to conduct thorough market research to know the audience and tell a good brand story accordingly when they expand overseas and are delivering information to their customers and clients at a stable pace. In this sense, marketers have to take into consideration the changing international landscape influenced by the escalating trade war and pay attention to the potential pressure Chinese companies could face, he said.

"Brands need to be aware of the influence of media narratives and should pay special attention to trends in overseas public opinion. On the other hand, some foreign companies do not make much of an effort to understand China's cultural and market characteristics before entering the market, leading to serious problems in marketing and public relations and significantly damaging their reputation. It is important to plan out a marketing strategy with the culture and mentality of the target audience in mind, and Westwin has proved its expertise in understanding both sides," said You.

Bonnie Chan Woo, CEO of Icicle Group, shared, "Increasing demand from home-grown Chinese brands for outbound marketing services has inspired us to host this event, convening international industry experts from China, Italy and the US to openly discuss the challenges and share best practices and practical advice to support fast-growing Chinese brands. Westwin has strong expertise in global marketing, and we look forward to working more with them for more events."

Westwin offers a comprehensive suite of services in the area of overseas cross-border marketing, from overall planning and advertising, to social media distribution. The company has been in the forefront of the marketing industry with rich resources, and can plan out an efficient and effective global marketing strategy.

About Westwin

Westwin, formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), is a leading marketing consulting firm that focuses on cross-border business. We provide branding strategies and digital marketing solutions to help clients achieve success in China and around the world. Westwin is a certified marketing & advertising partner of Baidu, Tencent WeChat, Sina Weibo and more major digital platforms in China. With years of experience in cross-border business and partnership growth, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to take businesses to the next level in overseas markets.

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