weTouch survey: asking for a date six days after starting a chat can increase the success rate by 80%

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Want to go on a date? According to a survey about today's courting protocols conducted by weTouch, a popular Asia-based matchmaking app, among 1,000 users in Malaysia (50% men and 50% women), 93 percent of the respondents prefer to strike up new friendships through dating apps. The results of the survey show that a man leaves a better impression when he takes the initiative in showing his interest in a woman, proactively invite her to go out on a date, express his affection generously and create more opportunities for chatting and, even going on an excursion together. 85 percent of the women said they would accept the opposite sex's invitation to date if they find that they have a lot of things in common.

The weTouch survey revealed that half of the women said they would wait for the opposite sex to first bring up a new topic when using the app. Common interests, travel and food are good choices, while one's emotional experiences should be avoided in the early stages. If a man and a woman are finding that they have interests in common, when is the appropriate moment to ask for a date? The female respondents said that they feel some level of trepidation if a man asks for a face-to-face within three days after they have started to chat whereas, on the other hand, they start to feel some lack of confidence about where the conversation is going if the man has not yet asked for a date by the tenth day. The optimum time was found to be six days after they first began to chat, and, asking on the sixth say seems to increase the success rate by 80 percent. In addition, having the first date at a restaurant is the favored choice among Malaysians, where men can have an opportunity to show their generosity and the two sides can have a chance get to know each other better.