WeTrade Group Entered Into A Strategic Partnership With Jiqing, Acquiring Monkeypox Test Kits Exclusive Sales Channel

WeTrade Group Entered Into A Strategic Partnership With Jiqing, Acquiring Monkeypox Test Kits Exclusive Sales Channel

BEIJING, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- WeTrade Group Inc. ("WeTrade" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: WETG), an emerging growth company engaged in the business of providing software-as-a-services (SAAS) and cloud intelligent systems for micro-businesses, officially singed the strategic partnership agreement with Jiqing Biomedical Technology Co. Ltd (Jiqing) on 8th August. WeTrade will have the exclusive sales right of monkeypox virus test kits in overseas markets, to enhance the global development in personnel, technology, channel and data security for Jiqing.

In recent years, China has been playing the role of "supply chain base" in the global medical equipment market, with a complete industrial production development and significant advantages in medical consumables, vaccines, rehabilitation and other categories.

Until now, China has exported to more than 200 countries and regions around the world. Therefore, overseas business has also become a new potential growth for the development of medical industry enterprises.

However, medical overseas business needs resources and experience. Despite Chinese companies can smash their profit glass ceiling, they also should consider clearly the business strategy, the personnel structure and local economy policies. Therefore, an exceptional medical equipment firm can achieve the standard in domestic and international market. The first and most important step is to find appropriate partners, who fully understand local regulations. The appropriate partners are useful to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency for overseas business.

Jiqing, a medical company that has been at the top of the medical industry in China, has changed its development strategy to the overseas market. In terms of antigen products, differencing from the massive centralized tests in China, antigen products can be used at home in overseas markets. Therefore, the gradual transition of medical professional products into medical consumer products has allowed the entire market volume to increase dramatically.

Jiqing expects to benefit from the advanced technology and international market channels through partnering with WeTrade. It is also a distinguished opportunity for Jiqing to increase its overseas market swiftly with the support of WeTrade's global resources.

As a global-oriented development enterprise, WeTrade has been working on discovering overseas business for domestic companies. WeTrade believes that YCloud intelligent system is able to strengthen users' marketing relationships and precisely reach end consumers by social fission. In the meantime, it would empower Jiqing to keep a profitable condition and reduce sales cost.

In addition, WeTrade can also utilize the multi-dimensional marketing SaaS, to achieve the perfect combination of "consumer, product and location". Thus, the overseas business of Jiqing can realize the evolvement from content-driven to commodity-driven, and the long-term business through two-wheel-drive of public and private domains.

For WeTrade Group, the cooperation with Jiqing is a great opportunity to enter the medical industry, as another breakthrough after micro business, tourism, hospitality, short video live stream, aesthetic medicine and traditional retail. This attempt will help the company to accumulate project experience and increase the brand awareness.

WeTrade is expected to help more domestic companies achieve the development of overseas business and empower these enterprises to accomplish a whole new growth.

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