What do Singaporeans do on the day of romance? Eat, of course!

The way to a Singaporean's heart is through their stomach - at least according to Mastercard's latest survey, which found that 56 per cent of consumers are planning on taking their other halves out for a romantic dinner tonight.

And as a nation made up of food-lovers, it comes as no surprise that Valentine's Day expenditure in restaurants here has grown by 50 per cent since 2014.

The financial firm's survey also found that Singaporeans were a giving bunch, with 58 per cent preparing to buy gifts for their dates. We are also generous, with an average Valentine's gift budget of US$194 (S$275). The regional average is much lower, at US$133.

Chinese consumers are likely to be the most lavish, with three in four planning to buy gifts on an average budget of US$310. Over in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the price tag for romance was set at US$282 and US$271 respectively.

And while flowers remain the purchase of choice for men (36 per cent), women prefer buying clothes and leather goods (41per cent) for their lovers.

Still, it seems Singaporeans are getting more creative with their gifts, as the number of transactions for the sale of flowers has declined 25 per cent between 2014 and 2016.

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Most couples in Singapore also prefer not to get engaged on Valentine's Day, as only three in 10 said it was a good time to propose. In contrast, 76 per cent of Vietnamese and 68 per cent of Chinese consumers felt that Feb 14 was the perfect day for a marriage proposal.

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Photo: Mastercard