"What's hot to wear on this New Year's Party": JustDating India Survey

NEW DELHI, Dec. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Holidays are officially upon us and party season is in full swing. Be it the celebrities or common people, Indians are becoming more conscious of how they look at parties. New Year's is always a great opportunity to meet new people and an avenue to look out for prospective dates. Global dating app, JustDating conducted a survey asking its users how the other gender should dress up for this special occasion. From a sample size of 4,000, 71 percent showed an inclination on dressing up the way the opposite gender would like and it found the top 3 elements that contribute to an attractive look, viz. dressing up style, clothing colour, and the brands.

When dressing for New Year's Eve party, it's important to know what kind of impression one is giving off with the dressing style. 68% of male users indicated that they like women dressed in solid coloured dresses over multi-coloured (18%) or shimmery dresses (14%). This shows that men prefer women who keep it subtle and classy hosting their poise and strong impression. Whereas, 54% of female users reported that they like men wearing nicely fitted shirts, followed by 37% who like men in casual t-shirts. It was also found through the survey that men are 48% more likely to be noticed if they wear a blazer along with their shirt or t-shirt. Women who wear high heels are also 39% more likely to be noticed by men at parties.

It is a given that different colours affect others' perception of an individual. The survey results indicate 66% women favoured men with a crisp look, wearing solid-coloured shirts like black, blue or white. On the other hand, 59% men admitted liking girls wearing warm colours like red, orange and yellow, followed by 30% who like cool colours like blue, green and purple. Surprisingly, 67% of female users reported that they would consider whether men are wearing branded clothes or not. However, merely 32% male users were bothered about the brand as they consider how the clothes fit the women over brands or designers. Needless to say, both men and women dress to impress at parties. But while attending this year's new year party, make sure you get these 3 elements ticked in the checklist this New Year.