When is the best time to deposit money on Li Chun this year?

SINGAPORE - Were you born in the year of the horse? Then be prepared to wake up very early this Feb 3, which marks Li Chun, or the beginning of spring in the Chinese lunar calendar.

Many Singaporeans believe that depositing money into their bank accounts on Li Chun day will help boost one's wealth and prosperity for the rest of the year, and long queues usually form at cash deposit machines and banks islandwide on the day.

A feng shui firm, Chang Consultancy, has released a timetable of the ideal timings to bank in money, based on the different zodiac signs.

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Photo: Chang Consultancy / prosperwithfengshui.com

So unfortunately for those born in the horse year, the best time to deposit money is in the wee morning hours of between 3am and 4.59am, which is their 'very auspicious' period. It is also 'auspicious' for them to do so between 7am and 10.59am.

There are also 'lucky colours' that each person should wear, according to the firm. Those born in the years of the tiger, rabbit, monkey and rooster should wear green, while all others should be decked out in red.

The feng shui firm also advised people to avoid making deposits during the "unlucky hours" of 5am-6.59am and 5pm-6.59pm.

Aside from banking in money, Li Chun is also associated with a number of other traditions. It is said that those who manage to balance an egg will be guaranteed good fortune.

However, two fengshui practitioners told The New Paper last year say that the idea of lucky deposits on Li Chun is a myth.

This year, the Chinese New Year marking the year of the rooster begins on Jan 28.