Why the 2nd Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo is a Must-see

CHENGDU, China, Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2nd Western China International Fair Import and Export Expo ("Expo"), is an attractive event to all.

Advanced, Sophisticated and Cutting-edge Technology

This Expo is teemed with the latest and most cutting-edge hi-tech products. Here is a sneak peek from Journalist Li. During this Expo, diverse hi-tech products including virtual mobile phones, sophisticated robots and intelligent wireless charging panels will be displayed. At the Expo people will be able to experience, on site, cutting-edge technology such as virtual mobile phones and intelligent charging.

Fashionable AR technology is poised to attract a large portion of the audience. Several experiences such as the demonstration and interaction of multi-player AR games, single-player/multi-player AR motion sensing cool running games and AR software human-computer interaction and virtual try-on of glasses will bring fresh sensory feelings.

A Boon for "Foodies"

French wine, milk powder of New Zealand, Queensland's honey of Australia, coffee of Brazil, ice cream of Belgium, fruits of Thailand are displayed at the ExpoThere will not only be exquisite delicacies across the globe, but also representative cross-board e-commerce platforms like YZGGG.com. These platforms will guide visitors across the globe so as to create a dream of buying all over the world at home through "cross-board online shopping".

A Paradise for Tourists

If visitors get tired of conventional tourism routines like Southeast Asia, Europe and North America and want to seek alternative ones, a stroll to the tourism exhibition area of this Expo would be a better choice. The tourism promotion activities by countries like Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan will be held. It will inevitably present travelers with alternative routines, resourceful travel guides and a string of surprises.

A Carnival for Sports Enthusiasts

A highlight of this Expo will be the Sports Fair. A wide repertoire of shows are waiting for visitors including extremely exciting entertainment Hip-pop and X-sports shows, sportstyle athletic model shows, star-studded Mixed Martial Arts shows with international and domestic stars to put on a free combat and Muay Thai fighting game shows. There will also be energetic aerobic shows with fitness coaches. The Expo will have a variety of interesting activities to cater for all tastes.

Memories Carried by Several Generations

Besides interesting and fresh shows, there are still "heartfelt" exhibitions during this Expo. Shanghai Exhibition Area will focus on demonstration of a large number of products of Shanghai's local time-honored brands, such as Shanghai watches, Fenghuang sewing machines and Warrior shoes. Now, these products have spread across the world and have been symbolic of China-made brand image. With these exhibits full with memories of several generations, the site is expecting to be taken by a storm of nostalgia.