Will my sex appeal kill my career?

Will my sex appeal kill my career?

SINGAPORE - I'm working in fear.

Should the precedent set by the Iowa court in the US spread, innocent people such as myself will never again know job security.

To put it simply, gorgeous people like myself are going to be victimised for our uncanny beauty.

For years now I feared this day would come - of having to prove myself at every turn and not be viewed as just a sex object, but a sex object with dreams, ambitions and abilities.

Of course, even before this ruling, my beauty proved to be a problem. Meetings would take an age simply because so much time was spent gazing at my perfectly proportioned face.

I doubt many of you reading this would understand. The lengths I would go to in making myself look just a bit less attractive. The shapeless clothes, bad hair and refusal to shave.

I wish I could say it worked.

For years I have feared the day I would be called into the boss' office to be told that my looks are just too distracting, all because when the light hits me a in a certain way, all anyone can hear is Barry White.

It's a strange combination of fear and exhaustion. I'm scared that I'll lose my job because of my sheer animal magnetism, but at the same time I'm bored of the adulation.

The women forgetting they have boyfriends, fiances and husbands.

The confused looks from men that manage to mix jealousy with a hint of admiration.

Yes, there have been advantages to being this good looking. Doors have opened, and I walk anywhere I want because I look like I'm meant to be there.

Not even a perfect storm of DNA from George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Hugh Jackman could come close to my own luminescent handsomeness.

If you don't feel sick by now, I certainly do. If this pseudo commentary doesn't make it absurdly clear that physicality (whether the person is attractive, wears a short skirt, is male/female) simply cannot be used as a last-ditch excuse for something morally wrong, I don't know what will.

Enough with the blaming of the victim.

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