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WiMi Develops An Acousto-Optically Driven Ultrafast Transient Holographic Optical Imaging System

WiMi Develops An Acousto-Optically Driven Ultrafast Transient Holographic Optical Imaging System

BEIJING, April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. (NASDAQ: WIMI) ("WiMi" or the "Company"), a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality ("AR") Technology provider, today announced that its R&D center had proposed an ultrafast transient holographic optical imaging technology that integrates STAMP, AOPDF, and DIH. This technology will optimize the existing classical scenarios in this field.

WiMi's system simplifies the imaging process with AOPDF, which allows complete control of acquisition parameters through electrically driven phase and amplitude spectral time clipping of the imaging pulse. In contrast to most current ultrafast single-shot technologies, the system enables frame rate, exposure time, and intensity to be independently adjusted over a wide range. WiMi's design is flexible and easy to use without using complex tuning effects. Also, it employs the application of DIH without any reference beam, allowing lens-free operation for higher technical simplicity, and is also used to reconstruct objects over a wide depth of field. And the imaging speed of the system and its flexibility are verified by visualizing ultrashort events on picosecond and nanosecond time scales.

The system works on a STAMP scheme that adjusts the pulse shape in the spectral and temporal domains through the interaction of an AOPDF with an electrically driven acoustic wave and enables fully independent control of exposure time and frame rate in a tilted spectral filter. This system includes a diffractive optical element, a tilted SF, and a standard camera.

WiMi's system provides ultra-high frame rates and a more flexible and convenient solution for ultrafast speed imaging systems. The system combines spectrally filtered STAMP with acousto-optic-based electronically controlled phase, amplitude, and DIH. On the one hand, the AOPDF performs the spectro-temporal phase and amplitude calibration phase effortlessly, bypassing the complex and bulky systems usually used. Thus, the system can fully customize the pulse phase and amplitude in a simple way through the interaction of the optical pulse with the acoustic wave, making synchronous and linear FM control of femtosecond pulses possible.

The use of DIH also allows for simpler systems through its lensless operation. And the technique also provides reconstruction and positioning of objects over a wide depth of field. Unlike conventional imaging techniques that provide images only in a single plane, DIH does not require reference to complex reconstruction algorithms and allows for real-time operation. In addition, the advantage of DIH over traditional imaging techniques is that it enables fast tracking of objects along a single line of sight. Then in SF-STAMP ultrafast imaging, the AOPDF pulse calibration function and DIH simplicity are utilized, and independent control of frame rate, exposure time, and frame intensity, as well as ultrafast imaging of ultrashort light, is achieved.

WiMi's system simplifies the traditional system, makes it simple and easy to use, and gradually removes the usage environment restrictions. WiMi believes that its ultrafast transient holographic optical imaging system will shine in developing physics, biology, medicine, chemistry, bionics, new materials, and quantum detection technologies.

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