WiMi Hologram AR, MEGVII, SenseTime and CLOUDWALK compete for Technicalization market of Scenario Application

WiMi Hologram AR, MEGVII, SenseTime and CLOUDWALK compete for Technicalization market of Scenario Application

BEIJING, Jun 18, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - From the Internet era to the artificial intelligent era, technological innovations have subverted the changes in the industry. In the past, we thought about how to abstract real things into virtual data, but now, we are thinking about how to bring that virtual world into reality.

The first half of AI: Internetization
In the early days of the Internet, the public was full of doubts about this new thing, but now the Internet has fully entered our lives, and it is linked to people's food, clothing, housing and transportation and all other aspects. WiMi Hologram AR, MEGVII, SenseTime, YITU, CLOUDWALK and other AI visual companies are contributing to their respective segments.

The application of artificial intelligence has only just begun, and the current large data has promoted the great progress in probability calculation. Artificial intelligence has had a profound impact in many fields, but at present, the development of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. The current essence of deep learning is that there is progress in relevance through the classification of data that is bridged by the curve and the separation of data. But there is little that can be done about causality, and more hope is placed on the advancement of artificial intelligence. However, the characteristics of the double-edged sword of artificial intelligence will intensify, and need to be strengthened from the legal and technical aspects.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence can not be separated from three major factors, namely, the algorithm, computing power and data. Among them, the function of computing power cannot be ignored, and the improvement of hardware computing power has always been an important factor in the rapid development of artificial intelligence. According to the analysis report released by OpenAI, since 2012, the computing power used in the artificial intelligence training task has increased exponentially, and the demand has increased by more than 300,000 times, doubling every 3.5 months. The investment in the computing in 2021 will account for more than half of the total AI investment. It will increase by nearly 6 times from 2012 to 2022, and the entire AI Internetization will be realized faster.

In the past few decades, we have turned the real physical world into a virtual digital world through technology; and in the next few decades, we have to use technology to bring digital and virtualized things on the Internet back to the real world.

The second half of AI: Technicalization of Scenario Application
We have entered the era of artificial intelligence from the Internet age. In this dimension, the application of Internet technology to the industries in the real life will become the trend of future development.

The process of the physicalization of the Internet brings innovation an vitality to it, and the combination of content and carrier permeates many scenarios and multiple fields. The application of e-commerce and Internet of Vehicles enables the Internet to surpass the virtual world, land in the physical world and give users unprecedented experience. Therefore, whether the current block chain and artificial intelligence technology can physicalize the virtual digital things will become an important criterion for judging its development capability.

SenseTime has technological breakthroughs and business layouts in face recognition, image recognition, video analysis and unmanned driving. Its business scope covers security, finance, smart cities, robots and automobile industries. According to the data officially disclosed by SenseTime, it has served more than 400 customers, and companies such as China Mobile, Unionpay, Huawei, MIUI, microblog are all its customers.

MEGVII has launched a number of groundbreaking AI products in various vertical fields, including face recognition payments, face recognition unlocking, and full-frame smart screeners.

In addition to vigorously expanding security, finance and other businesses, YITU expanded rapidly after completing the C round of financing. Its "AI Map" has included several sections of AI security, AI finance, AI medical care, AI biopharmaceuticals and AI chips, completing the initial layout of the AI ecology.

CLOUDWALK focuses on finance and security in terms of business direction. According to the data disclosed by the company, it has more than 400 banking customers in the AI+ financial sector, including ABC, CCB, BOC and CMB head office, with the average daily service of 216 million times. Products for the Ministry of Public Security in the AI+ security field are applied in 29 provincial administrative regions. In addition, it has entered 54 civil aviation airports.

WiMi Hologram AR focuses on computer vision holographic cloud service. It is one of the largest integrated holographic cloud industry entities in China with the largest scale, the most complete industry chain and the best performance. It aims to become a holographic cloud platform with the most potential and the most international influence.

WiMi Hologram covers many links of holographic AR technology, including the holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, and holographic AI face changing development. With the one-stop service capabilities, it has grown into one of the largest providers of holographic cloud integrated technology solutions in China.

WiMi Hologram has made major breakthroughs and leapfrogging development in holographic application fields such as advertising, entertainment, education, and 5G communications. It aims at the in-depth research and development and market application of holographic 3D computer vision collection, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation and application. It is also committed to constructing a scalable and open service platform, building a bridge between holographic technology application and holographic computer vision presentation, achieving the presentation of the application of holographic computer vision in different scenes, and promoting the leapfrogging development of the industry, in order to realize the vision of WiMi Hologram, "become the creator of China's holographic ecology".

The international gap is narrowing, and there is still a long way to go.
The trade dispute between China and the United States is a contest between the world's two largest economies at multiple levels, such as comprehensive national strength and economic strength. Artificial intelligence will become a huge advantage for China to compete with the United States, and will pose a certain treat to the United States. In the high-tech industry, the United States has almost always occupied the top of the pyramid of human technology development, and is far ahead of other countries in the world in aerospace, military, energy, material and many other fields. However, in the era of artificial intelligence, China is indistinguishable from the United States, and becomes the most powerful competitor of the United States. Whether in the industry or academia, Chinese technology companies can find their place in this field.

In the era of artificial intelligence, China may have advantages that the United States can't match. China has the largest population base which can be used as a huge sample of data in both experiments and practical applications. At the same time, the entire demand market has remained active; China also has the largest group, including WiMi Hologram AR, MEGVII, SenseTime, CLOUDWALK, YITU and so forth, and is bound to play a beautiful victory in the field of artificial intelligence.

In the second half of the Internet, when the atmosphere, talents, capital and market are all available, China can follow suit in the era of artificial intelligence. The development of AI has moved from the simple technology advancement to integration with related industries. Especially in the fields such as security, retail, medical care, finance, education and advertising, the impact brought by AI has been quite deep. Of course, to achieve the deep integration of AI and the industry, what is really important is to deepen your understanding of the industry itself, and to focus on the needs of the industry, so that AI can really play its role.

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