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Wiwynn Successfully Implemented Open System Firmware on Its OCP Yosemite V3 Server

Wiwynn Successfully Implemented Open System Firmware on Its OCP Yosemite V3 Server

Collaboration with Facebook, Intel and 9elements to realize a successful OSF practice

TAIPEI, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Wiwynn (TWSE: 6669), an innovative cloud IT infrastructure provider for data centers, today announces that its Open Compute Project Yosemite V3 (OCP YV3) based server has completed the implementation of Open System Firmware (OSF) and obtained the OCP Accepted™ recognition. With the help from OCP partners, including Facebook, Intel and 9elements, Wiwynn has made an important milestone for the open community to complete the first OCP product contribution that includes not only hardware design but also OSF.

OSF is a formal OCP project with the goal to move the control of firmware to the system owner. It allows the system firmware (also known as BIOS) to be modified and shared openly. Starting in March 2021, "OCP Accepted" badge for servers requires that server systems support OSF. The openness of OSF will lower the entry barrier of OCP system adoption and accelerate product development. The synergies with other open source firmware communities, such as LinuxBoot and coreboot, will enroll more talents to join and make the ecosystem more open and complete.

Wiwynn's YV3, the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor (codename: CooperLake) based single socket server, is the first product contribution that meets the new requirement of OCP Accepted recognition. 9elements will support the OSF code base maintenance, including rebasing to the tip of open source components, and making releases periodically.

"We have been devoted to the OCP community with more than 32 contributions and seen OSF become an important piece for modern server designs," said Steven Lu, Wiwynn's Senior Vice President of Product Development. "Thanks to Facebook, Intel and 9elements, we are able to move steps further to make OSF part of Wiwynn's YV3 server and obtained OCP Accepted recognition. We are looking forward to duplicating the successful model to more products to come."

"We are excited to see the ecosystem embrace Intel platforms to build the open system firmware," said Anjaneya "Reddy" Chagam, Intel's Cloud Architect. "It's our pleasure to work with Wiwynn, Facebook and 9elements to realize a successful OSF practice and accelerate the community development."

"This is a disruptive milestone for the OSF Community," said Christian Walter, 9element's Executive Director of Firmware Development. "We are excited to work together with Wiwynn supporting the OSF code base for the Wiwynn YV3. This is the perfect showcase of what can be accomplished working together on open systems, and we hope this will pave the way for more products to come."

"As one of the very first OCP Solution Providers, Wiwynn has shown its continuous commitment to the open community. The OCP Accepted™ Wiwynn YV3 is a phenomenal milestone that includes system firmware in the OCP product contribution for the first time. We are thrilled to see the great progress of OSF through the close collaboration of Wiwynn and its partners. We also look forward to more OSF projects to be inspired and thrive," said Rajeev Sharma, OCP's Director of Software and Technologies 

For more OCP OSF details, please refer to the recent OCP blog post.

Wiwynn will also showcase Wiwynn's YV3 at the upcoming OCP Global Summit 2021 at booth #C2. There will be two in-depth engineering workshops around OSF and SW management for OCP DeltaLake and Yosemite V3 as well. Please follow Wiwynn's OCP event page and stay tuned.

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