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The Word’s First And Only Piano Tablature System At Music Lyceum

Sean Campbell is a musician, teacher and inventor. He owns a music school in Santa Monica, California where he teaches piano, guitar, harmonica, bass and ukulele. He is also the founder of a revolutionary company that is based upon his patented invention which he calls piano tablature.

It’s clear when you talk to him that he’s passionate about his work. He’s seen what a difference learning to play music makes in his students lives. He would often hear people say they love the piano and wish they could play. Then they would explain why they don’t. The main reason people don’t play music would most often fall into one of these categories. It’s too late for me because one needs to start playing music early in life. Learning to read sheet music was too complicated. I don’t have musical talent. I took lessons when I was a kid but quit because it was boring.

Proving them wrong became his new passion and led to the recent launch of The visionary founder says this new method of learning songs on the piano is changing lives. “You’ve heard of PianOLD,” he said in a recent interview, “I’m teaching people how to play PiaNEW.” PianOLD is based upon traditional sheet music and requires the aspiring pianist to spend just as much time learning to read music as they do learning to play piano. Another drawback of the traditional method is that you can only play songs that are at the same level as your reading ability.

At one never sees traditional music notes. Sean has invented a way to translate any song in any style into a system that uses colors letters and numbers and this new style of music notation takes only two minutes to learn how to read.

For many people, traditional sheet music is the barrier that has prevented them from playing the piano. Millions of people have tried and failed to learn piano and the reason was not that they lacked musical talent, it was that the experience of learning to read traditional sheet music was difficult and overwhelming. They didn’t fail at playing the piano, they simply lacked the desire to spend years learning how to read music. Instead of struggling to learn how to read music, this new method lets people focus their time and energy on learning to play piano.

He says the idea for piano tablature came to him when he was looking for a way to simplify the learning process. The reason tablature is so much easier than sheet music is that it not only tells the player which note to play, it also shows the exact location of each note and with which finger it is played.

“There are five-year-old kids who are learning through Sean’s Piano Tab, senior citizens who thought they were too old to learn, and autistic and disabled students who are playing piano every day and have become completely independent when it comes to their music.”

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About Us: Through Music Lyceum’s piano tab you can learn to play the song of your choice using a color-coded system that clearly indicates which note to play, exactly where to play it, and with which hand and finger to play each note.

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