World First Aid Day 2020: XCMG Unveils Its First Emergency and Fire Rescue Vehicles

XUZHOU, China, Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- XCMG(SZ:000425) has sent off four multi-function emergency and fire rescue vehicles to Golmud, Qinghai Province a week ago, the emergency response vehicles developed by XCMG Research Institute opens a new chapter for the commercial application of emergency rescue solutions.

World First Aid Day 2020: XCMG Unveils Its First Emergency and Fire Rescue Vehicles.
World First Aid Day 2020: XCMG Unveils Its First Emergency and Fire Rescue Vehicles.

Since 2016, XCMG has made the development, application and promotion of emergency fire and rescue vehicles a priority. Taking part in key state projects to research basic theories, core technologies and equipment design, XCMG has managed breakthroughs in improving poor manoeuvrability, low efficiency and the single function limitation of emergency rescue equipment to improve China's public safety capabilities.

A total of 10 emergency rescue vehicles were delivered to six demonstration bases. The four vehicles en route to Golmud are the JY18 and JY20 emergency rescue fire engines, QC700 fire-fighting equipment truck and JY10 rescue vehicle.

  • The JY18 is an all-rounder equipped with XCMG's self-developed, highly manoeuvrable duo-bridge, all-terrain chassis and is suited for the emergency rescue from natural disasters including earthquakes, landslides, floods and mudslides.
  • The JY10 is a strong model designed for equipment storage transportation and is equipped to tackle hazardous chemical leaks with dry sand as extinguishing agent.
  • The QC700 can carry more than 700 pieces of rescue equipment from 120 categories.

"The design and production of safety industry equipment has always been part of XCMG's strategy and mission to shoulder social responsibly. The safety industry is fundamental and integral to economic development, and XCMG is actively sharing knowledge through mutual learning, including hosting fires rescue drills and setting the industry standards." said Wang Min, chairman and CEO of XCMG and President of the China Safety Industry Association.

XCMG is committed to providing emergency rescue relief and support and has participated in major rescue and disaster-relief projects worldwide, including the dam disaster in Brumadinho, Brazil last year as well as earthquake and flood rescue missions in China.

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