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The World's First Light Earbuds HHOGene GPods Amazed the Market

The World's First Light Earbuds HHOGene GPods Amazed the Market

HONG KONG, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- True wireless Bluetooth earbuds have become an essential part of people's daily life, however, the pursuit of sound quality is not unusual, but the pursuit of "light earbuds" is rare and something that no one has done before. HHOGene GPods are unique "new pieces" that redefine earbuds. With the use of digital technology for the first time, they created the world's first light earbuds that enable 300,000 color combinations for you to express yourself. Earbuds, henceforth, are no longer a pair of "tools" but more of a fashion accessory like earrings to reveal individuality. Now GPods have been globally launched at 9 a.m. EST, November 1.

Early this May, HHOGene already launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and achieved $50,000 in less than 1.5 hours, which became the "hit" of the day. By now they have completed all product deliveries and received positive feedback all over the world, they are impressed by the light effect and "HHOGene" app:

"So cool! The sound quality is also good, better than Apple!"- From a game blogger with 300,000 followers

"The product seems pretty cool." - From a technical YouTube blogger with millions of subscribers

"Loving the GPods the sound is great quality and choosing my own colors depending on mood and clothing."- From a US user

"With such a cool light earbuds, why do I need earrings?" - From a pretty female fan

GPods and its pairing app "HHOGene"
GPods and its pairing app "HHOGene"

What makes GPods so different?

1. Digital Light Control

Through its self-developed app "HHOGene", with the chip built into the earbuds, GPods achieve over 300,000 color combinations and also enable four lighting modes: ripple, pulse, bright and breath. You can enjoy the audio visualization with colorful sound waves jumping up and down when playing your favorite music.

2. Color Photo Capture

You can use the app "HHOGene" to experience the color photo capture function, take a photo or choose one from your album, then the algorithm will capture the colors from the picture and present them on the earbuds. You are free to define your own colors.

3. Custom Detachable GPods Shells

Can you bear only wear one pair of earbuds with the same appearance every day? No!

GPods creatively use the snap-on solution on the earbuds and created customizable GPods Shells to achieve personalized display, which meets you a different sense of freshness and makes it a cooler thing to wear GPods. You can change the shells at any time!

GPods is the first product of HHOGene, a flagship technology brand under HHO Inc. which is founded by Mr. Chen Hang, the former Vice President of Alibaba and CEO of DingTalk app that served over 17 million organizations and 500 million users.

HHOGene firmly believes that everyone's existence is unique, no matter where you are, there is a "light" that belongs to you, just like GPods, dare to shine.

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