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A World's First: The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023 Unveiled Contestants' CircleDNA Results Live on Television

A World's First: The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023 Unveiled Contestants' CircleDNA Results Live on Television
  • Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023 winner is Hilary Chong (no. 15)

HONG KONG, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that had never been seen before, marrying beauty with science, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023, which just aired on TVB, had set out to revolutionize the industry by partnering with CircleDNA to unveil contestants' DNA results live on television. This ground-breaking initiative marked the first time in the history of beauty pageants worldwide that such a reveal had taken place.

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023 continued to push the boundaries of what a beauty pageant could be, embracing science and technology in its quest to redefine beauty standards. This partnership with CircleDNA, a global leader in consumer genetic testing, was a testament to the pageant's innovative spirit and its commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

The live reveal offered viewers a unique opportunity to understand the genetic profiles of the contestants, emphasizing that beauty was more than skin deep. It was a bold move that underscored the pageant's commitment to promoting a holistic understanding of beauty, one that included physical attributes, intelligence, talent, and then, genetic makeup.

Through a simple saliva swab, contestants were provided with an extensive array of over 500 DNA reports, exploring various aspects such as ancestry, diet, nutrition, sports, cancer risk, family planning, and more. The CircleDNA test results peeled back layers of history, unveiling unexpected and captivating ancestral stories from the contestants of Miss Hong Kong 2023. While a significant number of contestants showcased genetic imprints beyond Chinese heritage, a few individuals had particularly intriguing DNA narratives. For instance, one contestant revealed a surprising 12% Vietnamese lineage, while two others uncovered traces of African roots. Among them, one contestant garnered significant attention with a diverse tapestry of DNA, intertwining Japanese, Korean, Southeast Asian, and Vietnamese threads.

The genetic reports not only revealed ancestral information but also uncovered the inherent talents and potential of the contestants. One contestant demonstrated high levels of creativity, dance ability, and musical talent, hinting at a promising career in the arts. Another contestant stood out with exceptional linguistic abilities, while yet another exhibited exceptional mathematical aptitude. If you are curious to learn more about these DNA revelations, including insights into the contestants' health and personality traits, tuning into Miss Hong Kong 2023 online might be just what you need to discover for yourself.

"We were excited to be part of this historic moment in the beauty pageant industry," said Joel Neoh, Managing Director of CircleDNA. "We believe that understanding our DNA was crucial to understanding ourselves, and we were thrilled to bring this knowledge to a wider audience through the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023."

The historic event saw Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023 and CircleDNA redefining the beauty pageant industry. Audiences tuned in to witness the world's first live DNA reveal in a beauty pageant, a spectacle that was as enlightening as it was entertaining.

About Miss Hong Kong

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant, or Miss HK for short, is an annual beauty pageant organised by the local Hong Kong television station, TVB. The pageant was established in 1946, and acquired by TVB in 1973.

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