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The World's Most Innovative Water Conference, WATEC Israel November 2019 Kicks Off in Miami

The World's Most Innovative Water Conference, WATEC Israel November 2019 Kicks Off in Miami

The launch event was held with the participation of dozens of key figures in the global water industry, who will also be taking part in the conference in Israel. Participants include Nicole Fried, Florida Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services; Daniella Levine Cava, Miami-Dade County Commissioner; Chris Dermody, CIO of Denver Water; Yvonne Forrest, Director of Houston Water and other executives *

WATEC 2019, Israel's largest water conference, will be focusing this year on innovation in the water industry and new Israeli technology in this field. 

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The international events leading up to WATEC 2019 kicked off this week in Miami, with the festive launch, which was held as part of the SWAN 2019 Conference, highlighted innovation in the water industry. Israel, known as the start-up nation, is considered a global leader in all segments of the water industry, from production, transport, purification, monitoring and more, and one of the goals of the conference this year is to present the latest Israeli developments to the world.

This is the first in a series of events to be held in the coming months around the world. The purpose of the events is to connect people involved in the water industry worldwide, government officials and researchers to the conference, which has also gained the support and assistance of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Economy. To date, companies as well industry and government figures from dozens of countries have confirmed their participation.

WATEC 2019, being held for the eighth time in Israel, will take place in November this year, with the theme of "Water Stewardship and Innovation – driving global leadership in the responsible planning management, and protection of water." The subject, selected with the help of the Advisory Committee, presents the responsibility on the shoulders of the players in the world water market to conserve one of the Earth's dwindling resources.

In light of the above, the Co-chairmen of  WATEC 2019, Oren Blonder, CCO of the Israeli water company, Dorot, and Ari Goldfarb, Founder and CEO of Kando, decided to focus this year on Israeli water-related innovation, as Israel is considered a world leader in solutions to the water challenges. Therefore, it was decided to change the standard format and emphasize innovation and the connections between industry players from around the world and the various start-ups in the field. 

The co-chairmen, Oren Blonder and Ari Goldfarb, said the following during the event, "We are very excited to be standing here and inviting you to WATEC 2019 in Israel. We have no doubt that the connection between industry professionals and researchers from around the world will create partnerships that will help develop and improve the water industry worldwide."

Gili Elkin of the ICI Fund, which initiated the event, said, "Israel is a leader in the water industry, and WATEC 2019 just proves this. Our goal is to give the innovations exposure to the world, and we invite everyone to come and see the future of the global water industry." 

The organizers also stated that they thank Gili Elkin of the ICI Fund and Meital Stavinsky of Holland & Knight for organizing the event and noted that attendees could contact Israeli representations around the world to receive information and to register for the conference.


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