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XCHARGE North America's Net Zero Series Battery-based Charger to Become First DC Charger Available in Dallas Metro Region

XCHARGE North America's Net Zero Series Battery-based Charger to Become First DC Charger Available in Dallas Metro Region

Deployed at MD7's headquarters in Allen, TX, XCharge North America's charging solution was selected due to its smart bi-directional energy storage system and easy installation

ALLEN, Texas, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- XCharge North America will install their Net Zero Series (NZS) EV Charging station, which includes an energy storage system (ESS) and a DC Fast charging (DCFC) port option, in Allen, Texas; which marks the first deployment of a DCFC in North Texas. The station will be installed at MD7's corporate headquarters, located within their parking garage, and allow for two vehicles to be charged at a time. Significantly, XCharge North America's NZS is equipped with a liquid-cooled Lithium-Ion battery as buffer storage allowing for easy installation and highly stable operations. The station will be available for use in April.

XCharge's Net Zero Series battery-based charging station provides a 194kW maximum output with two charging ports.That is nearly 20X more output than the majority of L2 chargers, significantly reducing charging idle time to 35-45 minutes. Notably, the charger has integration capabilities with energy storage systems and liquid-cooled Lithium battery pack to enable optimized energy supply and demand for EVs and grid.

The integrated bi-directional energy storage allows the NZS to store up to 233kWh of electricity, while reducing the needed infrastructure to support this power transfer. Furthermore, the storage can be used to not only charge vehicles, but also act as emergency power for surrounding buildings and additional support to the grid in times of need or during blackouts. The bi-directional ACDC modules allow vehicles and the storage unit to sell back energy to the grid, which enables peak shaving capabilities and more flexibility in operation. Additionally, XCharge North America offers NZS plus, which combines 2 units of storage to make it 466kWh, doubling the number of charging sessions from energy storage.

NZS offers energy storage system, which allows operators to optimize their strategies and prioritize what matters to them the most
NZS offers energy storage system, which allows operators to optimize their strategies and prioritize what matters to them the most

"It is great to see MD7 invest in this new Smart DC Electric Vehicle Charger infrastructure at their headquarters located here in Allen", said Allen Mayor Ken Fulk. "This represents a commitment to sustainability, which further contributes to national goals for electrification and decarbonization. They are setting a great example for others to follow as we move toward a more electric vehicle world."

"The Net Zero Series is made with the US grid in mind," explains Aatish Patel, President and co-founder of XCharge North America. "With its high capacity internal storage, low input requirements, and ability to distribute energy in multiple forms, the NZS is what grids need to ensure sustainable and fortified energy in the future. Significantly, these chargers allow operators to maximize voltage output – up to 194kW – based on the desired use case, due to its modular design. XCharge North America is excited to strengthen its presence and partnership in Allen, Texas, understanding that access to efficient EV charging solutions is a key component to a growing sustainable city."

This installation brings an EV charging station to Allen, whose population exceeds 109,0000 and had no previous EV charging station availability. This is much needed for a growing environmentally friendly city. Remarkably, there are no existing DC Fast chargers for use in the Dallas metro area, only Level 2. This charger upgrade will provide drivers with approximately 100+ miles of range per 30 minutes of charging versus Level 2 abilities to provide approximately 25 miles of range per 1-hour of charging. 

Furthermore, the company has been accepted as a member of the Open Charge Alliance's (OCA) Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP); an institution that supports the global development, adoption, and compliance of communication protocols in the EV charging infrastructure. It allows XCharge North America to contribute to Open Charging Point Protocol (OCPP) and Open Smart Charging Point (OSCP) ideas and establish best practices globally. Joining the OCPP coalition and becoming UL compliant were vital business steps, as it demonstrates the company's determination to contribute, and abide by, open standards on a global scale.

About XCharge North America

XCharge North America is a high-power intelligent charging solutions provider, developing UL-compliant EV charging products specifically designed for the North American electrical grid. XCharge North America is focused on enabling superior EV charging by applying "hardware + software" solutions to allow for a streamlined experience. XCharge North America emerged to support customers in maximizing charge revenue while reducing maintenance and installation costs.


XCharge North America Contact: Alex Urist, Director of Business Development

PR Contact: Matthew Burrows with The Hoffman Agency

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