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XCMG at bauma China 2020 Highlights Intelligence, Integrated Solutions and Clean Energy

XCMG at bauma China 2020 Highlights Intelligence, Integrated Solutions and Clean Energy

SHANGHAI, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading construction machinery manufacturer XCMG (000425.SZ) presented its best products and brightest technologies in a super exhibition at the 2020 bauma China. The company hosted more than 100 events online and offline, and continuously livestreamed through 72 hours to highlight XCMG's latest achievements in unmanned driving, high-end parts, environmental conservation and clean energy.

XCMG released China's first super-tonnage electric wheel loader XC9350 at the international trade fair, an unprecedented innovation that made XCMG the only Chinese manufacturer and third in the world with the capability to produce 35-ton super-large loaders.

XCMG's exhibition also introduced the company's most powerful products to global audiences, including the world's most powerful all-terrain crane XCA1600, the industry's largest electric excavator XE270E, the world's first 90-ton triaxial mining dump truck XDM100, China's largest horsepower mining grade GR5505 and more.

"Quality and innovation are two keywords in XCMG's integrated development strategy, we are always aiming to become a leader in the industry, creating cutting-edge products for our customers and offering top-notch services. We are glad to show the best and strongest of XCMG at bauma China 2020, both at the fair in Shanghai and through global livestreaming events," said Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG.

At bauma China 2020, XCMG hosted a scenario-based dynamic demonstration of the constructions of Leishenshan and Huoshenshan makeshift hospitals to highlight eight competitive products including six excavators, one articulated hauler and one loader:

  • XE35U-E: Electric remote-controlled hydraulic excavator, capable of nonstop eight-hour operation while guaranteeing maneuverability, flexibility, safety, comfort and environmentally friendly;
  • XE155WD: Wheel hydraulic excavator with the fastest walking speed and high fuel efficiency;
  • XE215Gi: New-generation hydraulic excavator that complies with national emission standard IV that can be matched selectively with XCMG's self-developed intelligent slope grading system allowing the operator to set the parameters and activate with one-button start;
  • XE335DK: Unmanned hydraulic excavator equipped with an intelligent control system to position the excavator accurately through RTK high-precision positioning, visual recognition and automatic excavation control combined with structural dimension calculation;
  • XE500HB: 50-ton HEV hydraulic excavator equipped with the industry's first self-adaptive boom potential energy recovery and regeneration technology that lowers fuel consumption by 15% compared to products of the same tonnage;
  • ET112: Walking excavator with spider robot type chassis; it has four articulated legs to achieve multiple free walking motions. The structure above the slewing platform is similar to a tailless hydraulic excavator and can be rotated 360°;
  • XDA40: The first 40-ton articulated dump truck in China with excellent maneuverability, driving and passing abilities;
  • XC958EV: Electric 5-ton loader with 6-ton rising and lifting abilities, and good acceleration quality. It has low energy consumption that can operate eight hours after one hour of charging.

Achieving energy-saving, environment friendly and sustainable construction

XCMG has exhibited a lineup of environment friendly and new energy products at bauma China 2020, including XC918EV and XC958EV electric loaders, the world's first hybrid truck crane XCT25EV which has a range of 800km and the world's first electric concrete mixer truck with battery swap that achieves the advantages of fast power switching, high safety, low energy consumption and strong adaptability.

XCMG also highlighted the world's first hydrogen fuel dump truck that is matched with eight 140L gas cylinders to deal with mileage concerns.

"XCMG's persistence in innovation has put us in the league of best construction machinery manufacturers in the global market. We are committed to developing "advanced and durable" products that not only excel in technology and performance, but also contribute to the advancement of clean energy," said Wang.

XCMG now owns more than 7,300 valid licensed patents, over 1,700 patents for invention, 87 PCT international patents and has successfully completed the establishment and revision of four international standards.

About XCMG

XCMG is a multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company with a history of 77 years. It currently ranks fourth in the world's construction machinery industry. The company exports to more than 187 countries and regions around the world.

For more information, please visit:, or XCMG pages on FacebookTwitter, YouTubeLinkedIn and Instagram.

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