XCMG Customizes Corrosion-Resistant ZL50G Loaders for Largest Saltern in South America

XUZHOU, China, Aug. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- XCMG, China's largest construction machinery manufacturer, has customized ZL50G loaders for the Salinor saltern in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, the largest saltern in South America.

XCMG Customizes Corrosion-Resistant ZL50G Loaders for Largest Saltern in South America.XCMG Customizes Corrosion-Resistant ZL50G Loaders for Largest Saltern in South America.

The Salinor saltern produces 95 percent of Brazil's salt. Every summer, millions of tons of crude salt are processed, sun-dried and transported across Brazil and abroad, and XCMG's ZL50G loaders are the main force driving the facility's heavy transfer duties.

The delivery of these loaders demonstrates to the Salinor saltern XCMG's ability to produce world class, heavy-duty, job-specific equipment that can operate in any environment and meets and exceeds client expectations," said Jiansen Liu, Assistant President of XCMG and General Manager of XCMG Import and Export Co. "This job required that all of the vehicles be corrosion-resistant, and they have performed brilliantly for the client; even after years of operation they will still shine like new. With all-around corrosion resistant technology and full life cycle solutions, XCMG's 'Advanced and Endurable' loaders are creating greater value for clients at reasonable cost, and they are being recognized by more companies in the Brazilian market."

The operating environment in the Salinor saltern is special; all equipment must be corrosion-resistant because the parts exposed to the air come into contact with crude salt, a highly concentrated corrosive material. The corrosion can expediate the oxidation process of metal, and typical pieces of equipment deteriorate.

Since receiving the first order for ZL50G Loaders from the Salinor saltern, XCMG's team of engineers have developed a customized anti-corrosion solution based on years of experience in and surveys of operators of China's large-scale salterns. The solution includes optimized and enhanced spraying of over 200 micrometers thick on the surfaces of the machinery, bucket, boom and cabin as well as putting on a special nylon protective sleeve on exposed exterior pipes.

After the first processing stage at the saltern, the salt still contains a large amount of moisture, so it is heavier than ore of the same volume, but XCMG's loaders can shovel one ton more than other equipment of the same tonnage. This load capacity and corresponding energy efficiency is praised by local operators.

To meet local customers' needs, XCMG has built a solid service plan with local dealers, moving an inventory of core parts near the saltern to ensure prompt service.

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