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Xianghu Showcased on the Large Screen Overlooking New York's Times Square

Xianghu Showcased on the Large Screen Overlooking New York's Times Square

The Tourism Industry in Hangzhou's Xiaoshan District Embarks on its New Journey of Transforming the Area into the World's Next "Go-To" Travel Destination

HANGZHOU, China, Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, a promotion from the Tourism Bureau of Xiaoshan Hangzhou, with the slogan of "Tourism improves the world and life", has become a highlight on the large screen overlooking New York's Times Square. Passers-by took notice of the promotion and stopped to take in the beautiful scenery of Xiaoshan on the digital screen overhead. They observed an aerial view of Xianghu, a scenic area in China surrounded by mountains, with the reflection on the water of the lake, mirroring the sunset glow in the sky. Siting Bridge, with its oriental charm, straddles the lake, telling the story of the area's 8,000-year culture built up around the bridge. At Times Square, Xiaoshan was sincere in its invitation to visitors from all over the world.

With abundant tourism resources and a long history, Xiaoshan is known in China as the place of "heaven and treasure". In 2016, the G20 Hangzhou Summit was held nearby, at Hangzhou International Expo Center. It was also the year that Xiaoshan climbed onto the international stage for its beauty.

In December 2017, the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) established its headquarters in Xianghu, the "Mother's Lake" of Xiaoshan, creating an important platform through which Hangzhou was able to demonstrate its brand to the world. It was also a milestone event in the development of the district, accelerating the growth in tourism. This September, WTA will hold its 2nd annual meeting, the board of directors event and the "WTA - Dialogue in Xianghu" series of campaigns in Xiaoshan, where business and tourism leaders will gather. Accordingly, the international tourism community will have a brand campaign named after Xianghu.

With a focus on three priorities including the establishment of the WTA headquarters, the development of Xianghu as a key national tourism destination and the building of A-rated scenic villages, Xiaoshan has accelerated the pace of the growth of its tourism sector this year with the goal of attracting international visitors, promoting the district's development through a combination of tourism, conventions and exhibitions.

Xiaoshan is home to one National Tourist Resort and five national scenic spots that have received AAAA ratings from the China National Tourism Administration. The Xianghu-rim region has already developed several scenic spots that have received the coveted rating including Hangzhou Paradise Park, Polar Ocean Park and Oriental Culture Park. Other key tourism projects including Kaiyuan Forest Xianghu Resort and Xianghu Carefree Manor will soon open their doors to travelers from around the world. With the establishment of the WTA headquarters there, Xianghu is well on its way to becoming a world-class tourism destination.

In line with Zhejiang province's goal of converting 10,000 villages into tourist attractions, Xiaoshan has put in place a five-year action plan for implementing a rural revitalization strategy and transforming Xiaoshan, aiming to have available an array of authentic redeveloped villages by the end of the five-year period. For the first time, this year's Xiaoshan International Tourism Festival will feature a variety of events with local characteristics including the Waxberry Festival, the Cherry Festival, the Sanqing Tea Culture Festival and the Nian Gao (New Year Cake) Festival.

Taking advantage of the opportune period between Hangzhou's hosting of the G20 summit and its hosting of the Asian Games, Xiaoshan has embarked on a new journey to take its place on the international stage.

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