Xindu Issues the First "Opportunity List" to Japan for a New International Cooperation Pattern

Xindu Issues the First "Opportunity List" to Japan for a New International Cooperation Pattern

--2020 Xindu China-Japan Online Investment and Trade Promotion Fair Held

CHENGDU, China, June 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 28, the 2020 Xindu China-Japan Online Investment and Trade Promotion Fair sponsored by CPC Xindu District Committee and Xindu District People's Government was held. At the fair, through online meetings, online signing and other activities, more than 50 Chinese and Japanese institutions and enterprises carried out in-depth communication and exchanges on cooperation in medical health care, cultural innovation exchanges, new consumption scenario and leisure tourism and smart logistics cooperation.

At the fair, Xindu issued the first Xindu China-Japan Cooperation (Chengdu) List of Opportunities In the Urban Construction and Modern Service Industry, which covers 27 projects under 3 categories, namely, cooperation demand, supply and demonstration projects, aiming to promote the pooling and integration of worldwide innovation resources and facilitate the incubation and implementation of China-Japan cooperative technology and projects in Xindu. Xindu Commerce Bureau and famous Japanese enterprise Mirai signed a strategic cooperation agreement online to integrate Japan's superior resources in medical care, health care, education, tourism, design, culture, catering, real estate, agriculture and other fields and encourage Japanese enterprises to invest and do businesses in Xindu.

In the future, Xindu District will further expand mutually beneficial China-Japan economic and trade cooperation in modern trade, cultural tourism and health care, modern logistics, traditional Chinese medicine and food culture and creative industry. It will introduce Japanese professional service enterprises, international trade and cross-border e-commerce enterprises, first stores, food brands and lifestyle service brands to vigorously develop headquarters economy, promote the integration of culture and music, tourism and e-sports and actively cultivate and introduce new industries and formats of businesses such as smart medical care, health care and medical tourism. It will strengthen the introduction of top Japanese consumer brands and the cultivation of local specialty brands to develop the first-store, famous-store and specialty-store economy. It will cooperate with Japanese realtors and tourism companies to explore the value of ecological resources such as Nibatuo Park and Riverside Greenway to create a "park + business" new consumption scenario. Relying on Tianfu Feiteng Town, Jianfeng Sports Park and other new landmarks popular online, it will create a gathering area with Japanese characteristics integrating catering, fashion shopping, ecological recreation, evening banquet and night tour.


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