Xool Aircon Experts is modernising the air-conditioning service industry in Singapore

SINGAPORE, April 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Xool Aircon Experts is innovating and transforming the traditional aircon service industry in Singapore. Putting people first and built around consumer trends and preferences, they provide much-anticipated features and is a major leap forward in the dormant industry.

Xool Aircon Experts provides maintenance aircon service, troubleshooting, repairs and new aircon installations with a focus on providing exceptional value through the use of technology. "We are the first air-conditioning services company in Singapore to implement features such as online payment and a live instant booking with a unified scheduling platform for all our technicians." says co-founder Raymond. He added "We created our company processes from the ground up and automated many administrative tasks and solved common operational challenges. Where many firms cut-corners or raise prices, we use technology to improve our operations and pass the savings to customers."

With more than 1.3m households in Singapore and air-conditioning essential in the tropical climate, this is the next large industry that needs to jump on the digitalization track to keep up with consumer expectations. The company is setting a benchmark in the traditional blue-collar industry and the evidence is in their rapid expansion and recruitment to meet demand. Similar to industry disruptors such as ride-hailing and e-commerce platforms, customers are encouraged to rate their technicians after each service and this creates an opportunity for improvement.

Based on reviews, another key area customers are commenting on are the cleanliness and professionalism. The signature "no-mess guaranteed" service is great for busy professionals who expects a higher level of service. Each service booking comes with automated SMS and email reminders with self-service rescheduling options. Instead of adopting a marketplace approach of matching freelancers with consumers, they have strategically chosen to hire in-house technicians which enable the management team to control the entire "stack" and provide exceptional quality.

Their co-founder Eric also added that "We have a leading online presence with 60% of our existing client's booking and going cashless with online payment. While many prefer to complete their entire transaction online, we also provide live chat support that makes it simpler for customers to reach us if needed."

"We are now building our own scheduling platform with AI-powered route optimization so we spend less time on the road and further improve efficiency. Our plans for the future is to launch an e-commerce platform which will solve another industry pain-point. We will help Singaporeans select the right aircon systems for their needs and receive accurate instant quotes with no hidden costs." says Raymond.

Xool Aircon Experts is on a mission to provide the best aircon services through the use of technology and a focus on customer experience. Visit www.xool.sg or contact them at 68177862 to find out more and to try their service.


Raymond Doraisamy