XPT Mad 2 Kilometers (M2K) Driver's Racing - Nanjing Stop, Round 2 Comes to A Successful Conclusion

A festive and trendsetting racing event and a party for the youth of Nanjing

NANJING, China, Sept. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- XPT Mad 2 Kilometers (M2K) Driver's Racing held the last-day competition in Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone on September 16. Through several rounds of fierce competition, Wang Jianfeng, from the SPC-LANDSAIL-SPORSKY RACING TEAM, became the winner of the professional 1.6 L Driver Cup, while his teammate Chen Daxing won the competition for the professional 2.0 L Driver Cup. In the street racing contests, Wu Fan (45.030 seconds), Yao Shengmo and Chen Cong were, respectively, the winners of Groups A, B and C. In addition, Dai Xiangsheng became the winner of XPT ES8 Driver's Racing when he clocked in at 52.634 seconds; Wang Qi, from the RZOIL DRS team, took home the honors of the Liqui Moly Drift Invitational; while a driver from abroad identified as Jean brought home the honors for the Street-drive Fixed Gear Competition.

F3, recreational vehicles, drift cars and XPT ES8 come together on the Niushou Mountain track
F3, recreational vehicles, drift cars and XPT ES8 come together on the Niushou Mountain track

Last weekend, with the backing of Jiangning Development Zone, Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone and XPT, XPT Mad 2 Kilometers (M2K) Driver's Racing - Nanjing Stop successfully took place as scheduled in Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone. On what is considered in the racing world as one of the most beautiful tracks, drivers, immersed in a racing atmosphere, not only were racers able to enjoy the thrill of racing but also made new friends and garnered new fans.

As a new event, M2K is unique in how it differs from conventional competitions, both in China and abroad. In addition to terms that are rarely uttered in the racing community, "street racing" and "one-on-one ", the organizer of Round 2 collaborated with Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone to transform the race into an event that will not be soon forgotten. The core action was moved from the trade and racing maintenance areas to near the track, the auditorium was placed immediately trackside, while a "guess the winner" feature taking place in real time was added, giving audiences an opportunity to have an "up close and personal" experience with the event.

In addition to traditional gas-guzzling race cars, several electric vehicles joined the competition. XPT, the title sponsor of this round, is a technology company offering intelligent solutions. Front and rear dual engines coupled with a storage system equipped by XPT ES8 formed the high-performance EDS electrified system and light-weight ESS storage system offered by XPT. XPT will take full advantage of its advanced technologies in the intelligent and electrified solution sectors to consistently support Chinese EV racing, as the firm continues in its efforts to become the leader in driving the development and adoption of electric vehicles.

With the second round having come to a close, the "1 to 1 street racing" event has become a unique feature of M2K. Combined with the simply designed yet challenging Niushou Mountain Track, M2K has attracted the attention of countless motor sports enthusiasts and received wide acclaim. Yet, racing is just one of the important components of M2K. Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone, the venue for the event, and M2K organizer Wasai hope to create a carnival targeting the youth segment. New events in this round, including the Liqui Moly Drift Invitational, XPT ES8 Driver's Racing, Street-drive Fixed Gear Competition, Ming Dynasty Guard of Honor and the promotional event for the soon to be released film Golden Job, resonated with the lifestyles of today's young adults. The lineup of events coincided with Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone's objective of further promoting the development of sports tourism, sports events and the sports industry. M2K is another important step taken by Niushou Mountain to promote the diversified and integrated development of "tourism plus culture", "tourism plus sports", "tourism plus healthcare" and "tourism plus research" as well as to accelerate the development of the locale from a relatively simple scenic spot to a comprehensive industrial park.

Niushou Mountain and M2K plan to add more popular and fresh elements to future editions of the event, transforming M2K into the "go-to" racing event for the youth demographic.

Professional group: PK with competitive spirit

Compared to the rush in the opening round, everyone was obviously better prepared in Round 2. Faster racing, stronger lineup and more adequate spare parts supply made the 1 to 1 PK among professionals all the more exciting. The 10+ professional drivers included some newcomers as well as seasoned "veterans" who had participated in the opening round. Facing what, on the surface, appeared to be a very simple track, no one took anything for granted and the competition was fierce. Several collisions took place in the corner, bringing the audience to their feet on several occasions.

The results of the fierce competition led to Wang Jianfeng, Rao Long and Liu Hailin being hailed as the top three winners of the 1.6 L driver cup. Chen Daxing and the 109 Racing team's Deng Baowei came in as the top two receiving the 2.0 L driver cup. The SPC-LANDSAIL-SPORSKY RACING TEAM garnered the team cup.

The street racing group: the ultimate challenge

Compared to the 1 to 1 PK in the professional group, the street racing group more resembled an "every man for himself" free-for-all. Following the "real test", drivers who just came on board began to reacquaint themselves with the seemingly simple track. As they became more familiar with the track's makeup, they started clocking in faster lap times. Every time they finished, the drivers huddled and exchanged tips on how to improve, with an eye to picking up the pace in subsequent races. Yao Shengmo, the overall winner of the first round, met his biggest opponent Wu Fan in Round 2. Although they were not in the same group, both of them gave their upmost to win the championship.

The Drift racing category / XPT ES8 Driver's Racing / Fixed Gear Racing

As new categories were added the round, the Liqui Moly Drift Invitational, XPT ES8 Driver's Racing and the Street-drive Fixed Gear racing garnered much attention from the spectators.

Drift is one of the most popular motor sports. The spectators jumped to their feet and cheered as soon as they saw the white smoke exit from the exhaust pipes with engines roaring and tires screaming. One of the more popular EVs, the XPT ES8 is powered by XPT's leading intelligent electric power platform. XPT ES8 competed with gasoline-powered cars during this round, reflecting a contest between the contemporary and the future. One can sense the vigor and vitality of the young adults who attended the event when they cheered during the trendsetting fixed gear racing segment.

Wang Qi, from the RZOIL DRS team, won the Liqui Moly Drift Invitational and set the fastest lap, followed by runner-up Chen Wenqian and second runner-up Xia Changhao from Shanghai Drift Team (SDT). Dai Xiangsheng was the winner of the XPT ES8 Driver's Racing with Duan Yuqiang coming in second place and Lv Jiahai claiming the third spot. At the excitement-filled Street-drive Fixed Gear racing event, Li Dongda finished as the runner-up, as he became exhausted and fell to the ground before the end of the race. As a result, the foreign contestant Jean crossed the finish line first. Zhou Xing came in the third place. These young men demonstrate what it means to hold on to the end despite the difficulty, exemplifying the spirit of the sport.

Following the inaugural competition, the event operation team of M2K plans to review every detail of the event with Nanjing Niushou Mountain Cultural Tourism Zone with the aim of transforming M2K into a true car racing competition loved by all and one that promotes the culture of motor racing. The event will conclude on November 11, when M2K will be fully upgraded and even more exciting.

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