Yadea Group Announces Global Launch of New Electric Two-wheeld Vehicle Yadea Z3s With Smarter High-end Technologies

BEIJING, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yadea Group Holdings, the largest electric two-wheeled vehicle producer in China, held the global launch ceremony for its new model, the Yadea Z3s, at the China National Convention Center in Beijing on October 26, 2017. An improved version of the Yadea Z3, the Yadea Z3s, is a feature-rich, smarter two-wheel electric vehicle with 37 enhancements. The model is expected to serve as a trendsetter in the Chinese electric bike market in terms of high-end intelligent features and components. 

Yadea Group announces global launch of its smarter high-end two-wheeled EV, the Yadea Z3s
Yadea Group announces global launch of its smarter high-end two-wheeled EV, the Yadea Z3s

Like its predecessor, the Yadea Z3s comes equipped with Panasonic's world-class certified lithium battery weighing only 9.6 kg (21.1 lb) and can be fully recharged in two hours. The model features a racing-grade shock mitigation system for motorbikes assuring comfort and safety for the driver. In addition, Yadea's proprietary GTR-5-generation electric motor delivers 13% more power over its predecessor, while increasing endurance mileage by 15%. 

The Yadea Z3s incorporates several automotive-grade smart technologies, including automotive remote sensing, automatic unlocking and locking as the driver approaches or walks away from the vehicle, GPS, real-time monitoring and tracking of the vehicle's position and travel route as well as a remote alarm system activated when irregular movements of the vehicle are detected.

Drivers can engage in real-time interconnections with the vehicle via smartphone, delivering automated monitoring of the vehicle's key parts as well as the ability to choose from 16.78 million mood colors for the vehicle's side panels reflecting the driver's mood. Additional features include setting the length of time the headlights stay on after the driver has exited the vehicle, real-time search for nearby gas and service stations and single-key emergency call for on-the-road help, towing and repair services, all of which come together, delivering smarter and more convenient driving experiences.  

Existing Yadea Z3 drivers can have their vehicles updated with smart hardware for the Yadea Z3s free of charge, including the LCD dashboard, the smart centralized control console and Bluetooth burglar alarm. Yadea Group Chairman Dong Jinggui explained: "Yadea strives to be a producer of user-centric and high-end intelligent two-wheeled electric vehicles, enhancing the wellbeing of its riders, assuring them of a pleasant on-the-road experience."

For more information about Yadea Z3s, please visit https://v.qq.com/x/page/v05688uh8jl.html.

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