Yadea Scoots into Swiss and Latin American Markets with Several Brand-New Flagship Stores

WUXI, China, Jan. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd ("Yadea", 01585.HK), China's leading e-moped brand, has launched flagship stores in Switzerland as well as several countries in Latin America, namely Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, and Venezuela. These new openings represent another breakthrough in Yadea's international electric scooter business, as it powers forward in its global expansion.

Yadea's Global Flagship Stores
Yadea's Global Flagship Stores

"Yadea's successful entry into the Swiss and Latin American markets is an important milestone in our global expansion," said Heidi, the GM of Yadea Export & Import Co., Ltd., "With our technological advantages, Yadea's electric scooters have met the world's top-notch engineering, quality, and safety standards, granting us incredible competitivity in both product development speed and cost. We are committed to expanding our footprint in Europe, Latin America and the rest of the world to serve a growing customer base in need of affordable and environmentally friendly transportation as well as excellent Yadea customer service to go with it."

Not only has Yadea built up a complete global supply chain, but also established partnerships with 16 leading global suppliers such as Japan's Panasonic, Germany's Bayer, and Sweden's Berger. Moreover, it has seven production bases in Vietnam and other countries and regions, with products that are exported to 88 countries including the United States and Germany.

Yadea has obtained a total of 763 patents (including 36 inventions), pioneering industry-leading graphene battery technology and boasting advanced capabilities in power systems, energy systems, intelligent systems, and humanized technology. In terms of electric vehicle core electrical components, Yadea has independently developed GTR broadband power motors, side-mounted motors, AAT motors, and more, continuously upgrading and iterating motor technology to nurture continuous breakthroughs in the power and energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

Yadea leverages its R&D and technological advantages to create tailored local electric mobility solutions for Europe and countries around the world. For the European customers, Yadea developed the high-end C1S, which is equipped with three key features. This KISKA-designed, retro-looking electric moped, which is the 2020 Reddot winner, sports an elegant design and body, the culmination of three years of development. It is powered by an intelligent management system, with night-level safety protection for the battery. Meanwhile, its smart keyless integration solution enables automatic sensing, with a smart chip that realizes seamless unlocking when the owner is nearby.

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