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Yamaha Launching Demonstration Project for Online Tours of Sights in Japan

Yamaha Launching Demonstration Project for Online Tours of Sights in Japan

- Multi-language Audio Guide Application Also Tested for Viability by Future Travelers to Facilities in Japan -

HAMAMATSU, Japan, Feb. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Yamaha Corporation has developed the online "Video Tour" and "Remote Tour" programs, both of which make it possible for people to enjoy seeing spots in Japan remotely and safely from their homes. The company is holding a demonstration project for the online tours in February. Furthermore, demonstrations of the new "Audio Guide/Explanatory Guide" application (*), which can be used safely to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection in museum and elsewhere, will also be conducted in preparation for the resumption of inbound travel to Japan.

The demonstration project is being carried out as part of the project to strengthen the profitability of arts and culture on consignment from the Cultural Affairs Agency, in connection with the agency's Strategic Project to Create Culture and the Arts for fiscal 2020.

Details of the agency's project are available on its dedicated website:  

(*) The demonstration of the "Audio Guide/Explanatory Guide" application is conducted with people residing in Japan. After the demonstration, Yamaha will consider making the application usable at other facilities including those outside Japan.



1. "Video Tour/Remote Tour" for anyone to enjoy from home

Yamaha offers two types of tours one can take to enjoy sightseeing from home without going out. "Video Tour" makes it possible to enjoy visiting various locations on video with multi-language subtitles and several interactive functions. "Remote Tour" allows people to enjoy traveling in Japan through real-time video. Furthermore, participants can send applause and cheers to the venues visited and/or send tips to them just by tapping the buttons on their smartphones while enjoying the "Remote Tour." This function is powered by Yamaha's original technology "Remote Cheerer." One can take part in both types of tours through the "OMOTENASHI GUIDE" application.

Example of "Video Tour" and "Remote Tour" (for illustration purposes only):

2. Multi-language "Audio Guide/Explanatory Guide" for use at spots

Yamaha will also conduct the demonstration (*) of its new "Audio Guide/Explanation Guide," which can be used safely to avoid the risk of COVID-19 infection in museums and elsewhere. Providing audio guidance via visitors' smartphones helps reduce physical contact, which could be caused by sharing dedicated rental devices, as well as close contact among visitors that could otherwise be made if the guide gives them vocal explanations nearby. This function can be used by launching the "OMOTENASHI GUIDE" application at each facility.

(*) Please refer to the previous note.


For more information, please visit the following websites:

OMOTENASHI GUIDE powered by SoundUD:

Remote Cheerer powered by SoundUD:

The demonstration project's dedicated website:

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