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yeedi cube: The Accessible Flagship for Hands-Free Clean, Made for Everyone

yeedi cube: The Accessible Flagship for Hands-Free Clean, Made for Everyone

The yeedi cube represents a breakthrough given its advanced specifications and innovations

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- yeedi, a global cleaning robot brand dedicated to enabling more people to experience the benefits of automated floor cleaning, today continues its path of democratizing technology. Following the successful launch of the yeedi vac station, which popularized the self-emptying feature, yeedi unveiled the yeedi cube, its first fully-automated robot that can vacuum, mop, self-empty, self-wash, and self-dry. The yeedi cube delivers a truly hands-free cleaning experience.

"We are excited to announce the yeedi cube, which represents a breakthrough for yeedi and the entire industry," said Gary Li, General Manager of yeedi. "Consumers are focusing on whether the robot can adequately address their cleaning needs and reduce their involvement in the cleaning process. And we have been thinking about how we can take the cleaning experience to the next level with tiny but creative add-on features. And, of course, with an even more accessible price, more and more users will be able to enjoy the fruits of this technology in a simple and easy way. The yeedi cube is designed to deliver a hands-free cleaning experience that is also easy to use."

yeedi cube: Hands-Free Clean, Made Handy.

yeedi's most powerful Self-Empty Robot can now lift, wash and dry its mop.

Full-Auto Cube Station, All Sides Powerful

Measuring just 37.5cm in height, the yeedi cube incorporates self-emptying, self-cleaning, and self-drying capabilities, providing a truly hands-free cleaning experience. Uniquely, the built-in electric scrubber with 10N of force offers an innovative self-washing method—scrubbing back and forth to squeeze out all dirty water and separate it from the mop. Then drying the mop with 40°C (104°F) hot air to ensure it is always clean before the next use.

The Most Powerful Self-Empty Robot yet

yeedi cube comes with an upgraded self-empty system, featuring a unique L-shaped short tunnel design and an industry-leading 27,000Pa of suction power, which empties a full dustbin in just 10 seconds. It also includes a HEPA dust bag, promising up to 60 days of completely hands-free maintenance. And with a powerful 4,300Pa suction, it can masterfully lift away dust, dirt and debris from every floor type and corner of your home. People will love how it skillfully gobbles up dirt and dumps it straight into the dust bag — zero effort required.

Auto-lift Sonic Mopping

yeedi's sonic mopping technology delivers a whopping 2,500 vibrations per minute, along with its 1L UFO water tank, empowering the mop pad to agitate dirt and filth for a comprehensive and effective cleaning experience. This technology integrates with an 8° mop self-adjusting capability, allowing it to clean uneven surfaces. Hard floor, tile or marble — the yeedi cube has it covered and can achieve impeccable cleaning results. Upon sensing carpet, the 8mm mop auto-lift feature kicks in. This functionality prevents the mop from getting tangled in the carpet fibers or soaking the carpet.

Pick and Place for Cleaning Dirty Spots in Time

Unlike other products on the market can only do customized cleaning by APP and often occurs inaccurate localizations, yeedi cube has made things easier. yeedi designed a handle on the robot that makes it simple to pick up and place anywhere in the home for on-demand cleaning. Users now fix mess by simple press of the spot clean button on the robot, and it can automatically perform deep cleaning in a 1.5 x 1.5m area right on your placing spot, no worries about inaccuracy ever. It first dispenses water in large quantities to soak stubborn stains and then in smaller amounts to lift the stains away, leaving behind no water spots. Ideal for quick mess cleaning. The handle also makes it easy for users to carry the robot upstairs to clean the upper floor.

Visual and Laser Fusion Navigation

The advanced visual and laser fusion navigation system combines the power of two sophisticated technologies to provide seamless and accurate navigation throughout the cleaning process. By fusing these two technologies together, the navigation system can accurately map out the cleaning area, and identify and avoid low obstacles on floors, and create an efficient cleaning path for robot.


On September 5th, yeedi cube will be available with a listing price of $699.99 on, Amazon, and Walmart for $699.99.

From August 30th to September 10th, customers can purchase coupons $1.99 to receive an extra $140 off coupon on yeedi official website. Between September 12th to 17th, customers can use this $140 off coupon on Amazon and get the yeedi cube for $559.99.

yeedi has also made it incredibly easy for its users to upgrade their old yeedi models to yeedi cube. Whatever yeedi model you have, you can easily trade in it for credit toward the purchase of yeedi cube.

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About yeedi

In a world of overpriced robot vacuums that fail to meet your needs, yeedi is here to bring ease and enjoyment to your cleaning routine with advanced robotic vacuum technology.

Make automated cleaning accessible.

With the mission of "Robotics for All", ECOVACS Robotics Inc. established the yeedi brand to focus on providing floor cleaning robots for the mass market and making automated cleaning experiences accessible to more people.

Revolutionize your cleaning experience with pragmatic innovation.

yeedi takes "practicality + innovation" as its brand behavior guidelines and always seeks the best path forward. Based on the core demands of users, yeedi aims to reduce the cost, complexity, and barriers of floor cleaning robots, enabling more people to experience the benefits of automated floor cleaning.

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