Yestart.VIP allows businesses to access global innovation and marketing services

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - Dec 14, 2017 - Nowadays, more companies want to expand into international markets and thereby they require services, talents, sales & marketing, industry solutions, software or hardware more, especially in languages, sales & marketing and innovations. Yestart.VIP platform ( ) builds a global network, connecting employers and service providers all over the world. It supports region search and you may reach service provider in the China and find out its services, past cases and more than ten thousand high-quality services including Brand & Promotion, Sales & Marketing, E-commerce, IT & Technology, VR/AR, Industrial, Games, Comics, Animation, etc , sold at $1 or above to choose from. As a service provider, you can open VIP shop free of charge and take orders and receive tasks around the world. If language is the barrier, you do not worry, you can use the platform automatic translate feature that allows you to chat with foreign customers.


Yestart.VIP is held by Shine E-connect International Technology Limited (Shenzhen) , regulated by China PRC Government and Legal Advisors. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, it has international offices in Hong Kong and Belgium and is in constant expansion and rapid growth. Yestart.VIP platform focuses specific on technology, innovation, the internet and creative items to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and small, medium-sized and large businesses to create the World's 1st O2O-combine Worldwide Dreamworks Innovation for Entrepreneurs and Corporations. Here you can find services, outsourcing, talents, market entry and promotion, financing, franchising, projects and solutions.

Interviewed with Sunny K.M. Au, Executive of Yestart.VIP, former General Manager and Investment Manager of Honghai Holding Group, said that relying on the global entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises mainly, Yestart.VIP can act as a bridge between employers and service providers where employers can find the most suitable and cost-effective services, talent, promotion, solutions, projects and other business services and s ervice providers can also create the most suitable products to cater the needs.

Yestart.VIP platform cover a wide range of services to all over the world, all walks of life, all stages of business.

For example, in entrepreneurial enterprise , the scale is small and there is no perfect system, the lack of professionals, unclear goals, poor work standards and workers need to handle multiple tasks and face excessive pressure . Yestart. VIP is a helper to solve them, for example to create the official website, logo design, brand building, channel promotion , etc .

Another example is in small and medium-sized enterprise, the scope of trade extend s to the globe , the company need s to establish a foreign language website , find translation for business commentary, build a corporate brand through Facebook and even find a foreign salesperson, Yestart.VIP is the solution ! Y ou can contact the oversea service providers. Even if language is the barrier, i f language is the barrier, you do not worry, you can use the platform automatic translate feature that allows you to chat with foreign service providers.

For large and medium-sized enterprises, they may have stable business partners, but this will not prevent the supplement of talents and industry innovation proposals via Yestart.VIP. These enterprises have their own relatively perfect system, but with the rapid development of society, there are drawbacks such as in flexibility and convenience. This signifies that the company should make innovations in the industry and cater to needs to the customers. With the help of Yestart.VIP, you can obtain excellent international service and industry solutions such as for catering industry how to attract more customers and how to improve service quality and those service providers behave professional and provide you with a detailed solutions that allow you to improve the status, remove the drawbacks, lead to innovation and development.

For small, medium and large businesses around the world, whether you want to be create a business card, website, APP or a large project, overseas promotion, and even billions of dollars of financing, industry solutions, what you want ed services, items and service providers can be found here. For service providers, you can get a large number of quality o rders via the platform, create the most suitable products to cater the market needs and even have the opportunity to reach long-term cooperation with major brands. All chances are for free now! Yes, service providers can open VIP shop for free, free overseas promotion t o take care of global entrepreneurs and SMEs, Yestart.VIP allows you to open path to entrepreneurship .

Yestart.VIP is devoted to help international VIP users to kickstart, develop business , enhance business creativity and competitiveness, more than hundred thousand businesses have used the service and many multinational companies are Yestart.VIP's service providers' clients . Yestart.VIP is a good helper to your business, outsourcing, talent, channels, promotion, project and financing .