Yili Awards RMB 100 Million to Outstanding Employees and Partners, Embarks on a New Development Journey

HOHHOT, China, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 22, 2021, Yili (Shanghai: 600887) held its 2020 annual meeting via live broadcast with the theme "Sensing Tomorrow". More than 100,000 participants joined online including Yili employees, their families, and partners from around the world. To mark the beginning of the new development journey, Yili invested a total of RMB 100 million to reward outstanding employees and partners at this annual meeting and the customer conference that just closed.

More than 100,000 participants joined the Yili’s online annual meeting including its employees, their families and partners from around the world.
More than 100,000 participants joined the Yili’s online annual meeting including its employees, their families and partners from around the world.

Facing the extraordinary 2020, Yili upgraded its corporate culture at the beginning of the year, and launched Yili Culture 5.0 to promote a culture of "excellence, responsibility, innovation, win-win and respect", while encouraging employees to succeed together with the company in the future. With the combined efforts of everyone at Yili, the company achieved steady growth in the first three quarters in 2020, breaking into the "Global Dairy Industry Top 5" earlier than expected. Meanwhile, Yili's brand value increased significantly to become "Global Dairy Industry No. 1", injecting renewed confidence in the growth of the global dairy industry.

Yili has always adhered to bringing more benefits to employees. After the outbreak of COVID-19, Yili quickly launched an "Employee Care Plan", distributed milk to employees, introduced "COVID-19 Accident Insurance", and placed greater emphasis on employees' mental health. As a further measure to support employees during the pandemic, Yili announced a salary increase in February 2020, and rolled out more than 40 benefit programs. The benefit programs aim to relieve some of the financial pressures associated with buying a house, medical care and education, while introducing employee care procedures to support employees in the event of difficulties caused by major natural disasters, personal injuries, accidents and illnesses.

Looking at its overseas markets, Yili is committed to protecting the health and safety of global employees. To date, CHOMTHANA, Yili's Thai subsidiary, has purchased nearly 5 million baht of COVID-19 protective materials for employees and recorded no infections, ensuring that production and operations remain uninterrupted.

Yili has also provided a financial boost to global dairy farmers and promoted local economic growth, in turn positively impacting global dairy industry. "Before, it was tough and frustrating seeing farmers in other regions getting more support. Now we have more funds invested in the infrastructure construction of the ranch and we are seeing good returns through the cooperation with Yili," said Franco Volckman, a dairy farmer from New Zealand.

Pan Gang, Chairman and President of Yili Group, said, "2021 is the starting point of a new decade. Let's give renewed focus to innovation and working together to create a better future and realize the dream of 'World Integrally Sharing Health'."

Faced with the complex and changing consumer demands and a fast-evolving business environment, Yili is determined to forge ahead in the process of accelerating digital transformation, building agile organizations, and establishing an enterprise-level ecosystem. Looking to the future, Yili is committed to creating a more diversified, international, and intelligent company and to working with partners to bring health and nutrition to more consumers around the world. In addition, to achieve its vision of "World Integrally Sharing Health", Yili will create a broader development platform for employees and help create a better life for them.