Yili's Byebye Jun Announces Entry into Pan-Entertainment Sector with Attendance at ChinaJoy

BEIJING, Aug. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yili becomes the first ever dairy brand in China to participate in an interactive game show while the milk brand's well-known proprietary character makes its debut at the well-attended event.

Yili Dairy Brand attended ChinaJoy and integrated into the pan-entertainment industry
Yili Dairy Brand attended ChinaJoy and integrated into the pan-entertainment industry

What's the connection between dairy products and games?

With the expansion of the pan-entertainment industry, an increasing number of non-gaming brands were invited to attend ChinaJoy, including Yili's Byebye Jun, a proprietary brand designed for the new internet generation of young consumers. With its participation in the interactive gaming event, Yili expects to continue developing a proprietary brand with high potential in terms of recognition and visibility across multiple channels while exploring every aspect of what it takes to run a successful pan-entertainment enterprise.

The brand owner explained, "As a proprietary cartoon character with strong branding designed mainly for e-commerce sales, the brand's target customer is the youth segment. Inspired by its success following nearly a year of cooperation with music, animation and other platforms, the brand has accumulated a wide following of online fans and has become a favorite among game-playing groups. As a result, we decided to participate in ChinaJoy. We hope to communicate with young people through various online and social channels while Byebye Jun could become a bridge between the dairy product and the game industry."

Byebye Jun supports ChinaJoy as the brand stakes it place in the Chinese gaming sector

At ChinaJoy, Byebye Jun reached out in both online and offline channels. In terms of offline, audiences were able to interact with Byebye Jun at the booth and get a glimpse of the character's animation, music video and peripheral products. E-sports game players and visitors had a chance to freely sample the brand's milk and cold milk ice cream, and walk away with exquisite peripheral gifts at the booth, replenishing their energy during the hot summer days.

As for online channels, Byebye Jun invited beauty anchor He Yuwei to perform a live magic show, giving online viewers a taste of the exciting atmosphere at ChinaJoy. The first day of the live show was viewed, on Tmall alone, by more than 200,000 fans, who engaged in excess of 13 million interactions. In the subsequent two days across all of the channels, more than 7 million tuned in. In addition, sales of Byebye Jun series products during ChinaJoy surpassed one million yuan (approx. US$150,000).

New gameplay in e-sports market and a new approach to the creation of a piece of intellectual property

By the standard definition of how one goes about creating and developing a successful yet well protected piece of intellectual property, E-sports is gathering momentum as a domain for just such success. Statistics show that the viewing audience of the League of Legends Pro League, the top level League of Legends league in China, exceeded the 5 billion mark for the full year of 2016. Total viewing time exceeded 840 million hours, with daily page views surpassing 50 million, representing huge market potential. Yili now stands at the forefront in terms of creating strong proprietary brands through an innovative approach to the development of intellectual property supplemented by a comprehensive launching strategy. In the near future, a slogan that expresses the concept of playing a game while drinking Byebye Jun can be expected to make its appearance in the Chinese market.

In the future, Yili, the creator of the Byebye Jun character, plans to engage in further innovative creation of intellectual properties and to expand on its partnerships in the e-sports sector. We can expect to hear more from this exciting and creative brand.

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