Yiwugo Held Fashion Party for 2019 "Top Landladies"

YIWU, China, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Yiwugo.com, the official website of the largest commodities wholesale market in the world, held a fashion party for 2019 "Top Landladies" on the evening of April 15. Jun Li, owner of Zongxin Canvas Shoes, Yafang Sheng, owner of Lanxi Golden Leaves Daily Necessities Co., Ltd., Hongying Fang, owner of Hongying Magnet, Jiying Zhang, owner of Real Star Umbrella, Guangxu Shi, owner of DIY Brilliant Diamond Painting, Jiangyan Fu, owner of Zhangweichao Socks Firm, Jingwen Zhu, owner of Chunchao Hat Factory, Yuxian Ruan, owner of Chuang Yi Jewelry, Zhuhua Li, owner of Zhejiang Huangyan Qiaofeng Plastic Products Factory and Baiyun Fu, owner of Long Jun Fire Equipment, received the title of "2019 Yiwugo Top Landladies". Relying on their steadfast determination and flexible strategies, they have not only brought prosperity to the Yiwu market, but also created a successful career for themselves.

2019 Yiwugo Top Landladies
2019 Yiwugo Top Landladies

In the business world dominated universally by men, businesswomen are playing a key role in the Yiwu market. As early as 2012, the number of businesswomen in Yiwu had reached more than 140,000, and female store owners at Yiwu International Trade Mart had accounted for a dominant percentage of more than 80%. Local Yiwu people usually call these businesswomen "landladies". In the changing market climate, the "landladies" are facing many challenges as well as opportunities, as they need to take care of both their families and their businesses. By building the platform of "Top Landladies", Yiwugo aims to help these female business owners continuously expand their vision and boost their self-confidence, so that they can fit into the era of changes brought by big data, artificial intelligence, sharing economy and new retailing, and create more value for the Yiwu market with their flexibility, persistence and self-restraint.

Yiwugo has held the "Top Landladies" evaluation for the fourth consecutive year; each time a number of "star" landladies rises, and so is the case this year. Winner of the first prize, Ms. Li Jun, has been running Zongxin Canvas Shoes for more than a decade, and has for many years achieved more than RMB 4 million in the annual sales of a single product independently designed and developed by the store itself. Ms.Yafang Sheng, vice-chairwoman of the 5th Chamber of Commerce for Yiwu China Small Commodities City, has been doing business for nearly 20 years. She founded Lanxi Golden Leaves Daily Necessities Co., Ltd., which has become a well-known business in the domestic foot care industry. Now the company is engaged in the R&D of high-tech foot care products. Hongying Fang is the owner of Hongying Magnet, a company named after herself. Through years of fierce competition, the business has developed into a well-known enterprise in the industry. Likewise, the other "Top Landladies" are also owners of top merchants across various industries in the Yiwu market.

At the Yiwugo Fashion Party for "Top Landladies", the landladies staged a wonderful cheongsam show, where the elegance of various cheongsam styles added brilliance to their grace. It is such a group of gracious ladies who, with their strength and gentleness, diligence and integrity, have bravely struggled in the fierce market competition, signed orders one after another, and contributed their indispensible part to the Yiwu market.

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