Yiwugo.com Releases Search Popularity of Football Related Products

YIWU, China, June 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, which is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world, released popular searching index of football related products. As props and other football paraphernalia for fans mostly comes from Yiwu Market, the search data on Yiwugo.com can, to some extent, reflect the popularity of football related products.

Search Popularity of Football Related Products
Search Popularity of Football Related Products

Search popularity of football related products more than doubled in 1H18 over 2H17

As shown by the search data of football related products on Yiwugo.com, the popularity of such products began to soar in Dec. 2017, before a sharp decline in Feb. 2018 when Yiwu Market vendors closed their shops to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The figure soon climbed back up in March and reached its peak in May; the momentum continued into June as replenishment orders were flowing in from all around the world. The frequency at which related keywords were typed into the search box displayed an over two-fold increase in the popularity of football related products in 1H18 over 2H17.

Global logistics service and production efficiency improved to shorten the lead time of products from Yiwu

The search popularity curve shows that the search frequency of football related products through Yiwugo.com began a substantial rise in Dec. 2017 and peaked in May 2018. Compared with the traditional foreign trade market, Yiwu Market enables far shorter lead times, thanks to the concerted efforts of all parties. For example, the highly efficient logistics network is connecting Yiwu with the rest of the world; also, e-business has made communications easier between global buyers and Yiwu suppliers. In addition, influenced by the "Flexible Manufacturing" concept, Yiwu suppliers have shortened their production cycle and stepped up new releases. With such support, Yiwu suppliers can quickly and efficiently adapt to the e-business climate and fully address the needs of international buyers.

Yiwu brands were built through word-of-mouth recommendations

On the list of the most popular searches on Yiwugo.com, one can easily find "Qida Electronics", "Shuang wei Toys" and other brands from Yiwu Market. This shows a growing recognition of Yiwu Market's private brands among domestic and foreign buyers. According to Zhao Xi, Head of Yiwu Qida Electronics Co., Ltd., the company has attached great importance to private brand building and gained publicity for its brand through online media, magazines, exhibitions and other means. But the best advertising has always come from word-of-mouth. High-quality products and services are the only best way to retain customers, and a brand is built up over time through positive customer reviews. Qida Electronics concentrates on large foreign trade orders, has sold and average of 20,000 cheer horns daily this year. Shuangwei Toys, on the other hand, focuses on both large foreign orders and small domestic ones. Wei Min, Head of Shuangwei Toys, explained that, the company has always monitored the trends for new toys at Yiwu Market and included these new toys in Shuangwei's store. A successful brand has been built, by word-of-mouth, among buyers. This year, Shuangwei Toys has received many large orders for glow-sticks and football-shaped horns. For small orders alone, at least 20-30 cases are shipped daily.

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