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YK Pao School's First Off-Campus IB Visual Arts Exhibition Artistic Expression Unleashes at "Miscellaneous - Da Qian Shi Jie"

YK Pao School's First Off-Campus IB Visual Arts Exhibition Artistic Expression Unleashes at "Miscellaneous - Da Qian Shi Jie"

SHANGHAI, July 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 14, the 'Miscellaneous" art exhibition organized by students of Shanghai YK Pao School opened at the Wilson Art Museum, collecting more than 100 pieces of artworks created by students from different year groups of YK Pao School as well as works from other schools. The exhibition hosts oil paintings, mixed media works, new media works, installations, photography, interactive pieces, and more. The exhibition seeks to provide an unique observation of life as well as an inspiration to others through the eyes of the young. President of YK Pao School Yongchu Xu, Director of the Wison Art Museum Xun Wang, alongside respectable figures from other fields such as Art, Politics and Education, attended the opening ceremony.

YK Pao School’s First Off-Campus IB Visual Arts Exhibition Artistic Expression Unleashes at “Miscellaneous— 大千世界”
YK Pao School’s First Off-Campus IB Visual Arts Exhibition Artistic Expression Unleashes at “Miscellaneous— 大千世界”

"Miscellaneous" is divided into four sections. Section A is dominated by saturated bright colors and oil paintings; coordinating lights and color, this room creates a delightful overtone. Section B displays dozens of grayscale drawings, paintings and photos, the long, narrow space and dim lighting expressing disheartening emotions. Section C mainly exhibits photos and videos, as lights, shadows and text rendered a dream-like atmosphere. Section D included large installations and collages, the natural lighting and curved walls revealing the artists' bold ingenuity and innovation. The four exhibition halls are arranged in sequence, allowing viewers to experience a visual journey into the artists' minds.

At the opening ceremony, Madam Xu introduced that the "Miscellaneous" art exhibition was the first off-campus art exhibition of YK Pao's International Baccalaureate (IB) visual arts students. Serving as the students' first steps out of the ivory tower and into the real world, this exhibition is incredibly significant. As Madam Xu pointed out, 'the perspective of the youth is unique; IB art students at YK Pao School have gained a constant stream of creative inspiration through observing the seemingly trivial yet beautiful parts of daily life, and have displayed their thoughtful reflections in various art forms. These vivid, dynamic and individualized artworks represent their pursuit of art and their reflection on reality. Learning to observe and think with an artist's mindset is an important skill for any artist, and I believe this exhibition will surely spur the students of YK Pao School to continue to develop their ability."

Curator Eric Tang introduced that the theme "Miscellaneous" points to the exhibition showing the complexity, multi-talented people and events in our daily life. Most of the works exhibited represent things selected from the students' seemingly chaotic lives. In the process of their creation, they allow themselves to think outside of the box. Through their diverse and lively artistic creations, the students are depicting the beautiful fragments of life, as well as expressing their and criticism on reality. It could be argued that each piece of artwork is intriguing in its own way, and each piece reflects the artist's unrestrained mind."

After the opening ceremony, the visitors were free to enjoy the numerous artworks displayed in the exhibition. "This is a visual feast, but also a spiritual journey. Standing in front of these works created by the young artists, I was astonished by the untouched and thought-provoking inner world of this group of young artists. The four exhibition halls with the carefully arranged works also gave me a novel psychological experience." Ms. Liu, a viewer of the exhibition, commented. The exhibition will last until the 30th of this month and will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. The art gallery is directly accessible by the Metro Line 13.

At the end of the day, the works in the exhibition "Miscellaneous" highlights the unique perspective of younger generation and provides an overall eye-opening experience.

Artists & Organizers:
Eric Tang   2.Diana Shu   3.Steven Xue   4.Anmy Wu  5.Aimee Xiao

Susan Xue  7.Alex Xue    8.Nancy Zheng   9.Zoe Liu

10. Yifan Chen   11.Lily Ji   12.Susie Xu   13.Angelina Xu   14.Tina Zhang

15.Vicky Yang   16.Viola Yang   17.Charlotte Wu   18.Kingsley   19.Richard Pan

20.Ingrid Wu  21.Yilin Gu  22.Michelle Cai   23.Alicia   24.Anna Zhang 25.Sophie Zhang 26.Lisa Lu

27.Jessie Qin

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