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YKC Charging Promotes 3-in-1 SaaS Platforms For the Charging Station Industry

YKC Charging Promotes 3-in-1 SaaS Platforms For the Charging Station Industry

NANJING, China, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- China's leading renewable energy SaaS provider, YKC Clean Energy Technologies (YKC Charging), highlighted the necessity for 3-in-1 SaaS platforms for the electric vehicle charging station market at the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC). 

Jointly organized by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the Government of Hainan Province, WNEVA 2021 was held in Haikou throughout 17 - 20 Sept.

YKC Charging COO Frank N. Chen, a guest speaker at the event, delivered a keynote speech titled "Charging IoT SaaS creates a new digital infrastructure" at a special summit held on September 17.

YKC Charging COO Frank delivered a keynote speech at the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC)
YKC Charging COO Frank delivered a keynote speech at the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC)

Chen shared YKC Charging's research on SaaS IoT, energy management, machine learning, and data security. His remarks at the 2021 World summit themed "Charging and Swapping Technological Innovation and Exploration of Business Models" brought together experts and professionals from the electric vehicle sector and related industries to explore a practical path for future development of the global auto industry.

In his speech, Chen pointed out that electric car batteries and charging stations will evolve further due to the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles. This comes as China has, over the years, become one of the largest electric vehicle markets in the world. In addtiona, favorable policies, complementary infrastructure, and the development of related industry chains have contributed to the country's promotion of electric vehicles and the display of best practices in the sector.

However, Chen said that three fundamentals will remain unchanged: device management, energy efficiency, and data security, despite rapid changes.

"To solve these three problems, we believe that a 3-in-1 SaaS platform is imperative for charging stations and micro-grids in the future. IoT, AI, and blockchain are the transformational technologies for the platform.  YKC Charging aims to bring about the easy and cost-effective implementation of a 3-in-1 platform for the charging sector, allowing our clients to deploy and use it with ease and see quick returns," said Chen. 

YKC Charging to Evolve with the Auto Industry, Providing Necessary Solutions

Chen also pointed out YKC Charging has the necessary resources to create a top-notch 3-in-1 SaaS platform for the charging station industry.  

Currently, YKC Charging is China's largest third-party charging station SaaS platform in terms of the number of charging station operator accounts,  the number of managed charging piles, and the scope of connected device brands and models.

In addition, as a third-party platform, YKC Charging has obtained a large amount of data and plans to invest heavily in energy storage R&D by combining it with machine learning.

About YKC Charging

As of August 2021, YKC Charging's charging business has established a footprint in more than 300 cities, serving over 2,500 charging pile operators. The company recently closed its B2 series financing, securing investment from NIO Capital. Previously, YKC Charging secured funding from CATL and GLP for the B1 and A series, respectively. Looking forward, the brand plans to partner with the three industry giants in response to China's carbon neutrality strategy, deepening its role in the development of an industry-wide ecosystem and in facilitating business enablement in the future.

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