yoboo's year-end summary: 2022 comprehensive efforts to create a better consumer experience

yoboo's year-end summary: 2022 comprehensive efforts to create a better consumer experience

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As the year-end shopping season draws to a close, 2022 is just around the corner. Looking back at 2021, product sales have continued to grow strongly thanks to continued strong demand from Southeast Asian households and the strong support of the yoboo's supply chain. At the recent Southeast Asia Year-End Market Conference, yoboo CEO Rina Chinen gave a series of analyses of the outlook for the Southeast Asian e-commerce industry, with summarizing the experience and looking forward to the future.

Building closer ties with consumers creating a better consumer experience

yoboo is committed to providing a better service to consumers. Customer service support throughout the entire consumption process and improve logistics experience. Understanding customers' needs and providing professional advice is the mission of the yoboo customer service team. Through standardized training of customer service skills and the construction of a digital customer service system, our customer service team insists on "Ask a question, get an answer". At the same time, yoboo collect information from our customers on a weekly basis, conduct meetings with Product Development Department and Business Department to improve our products.

Compared with the previous communication and consultation, many cross-border consumers have a low overall evaluation of the logistics delivery experience of international e-commerce. To solve this problem, yoboo has chosen to set up a number of local logistics warehouses. Transport of goods to the target market in advance, and delivery of goods as soon as the order is placed by the local consumer. Effective response to the problems of long transport times and difficulties in returning and exchanging goods in cross-border logistics.

Happy New Year from yoboo!
Happy New Year from yoboo!

Excellent design for multi-purpose use in different situations

yoboo's product design takes into account the different needs of consumers in different situations and offers a wide range of options. The multipurpose high chair, for example, are equipped with a removable double layer plate, so that the top layer can be used for eating and the bottom layer for playing. The removable legs allow the table to be changed between two heights and to be transferred at any time. The excellent design solves many of the pain points on the feeding journey, helping breastfeeding with the ultimate in detail. In the future yoboo will continue to play a role in multi-functional creative design, bringing more and more convenient and efficient products to users.

In 2022, yoboo will continue to use advanced medical parenting concepts to solve more baby feeding and development problems. With the comprehensive upgrade of "technology, product, ecology and service", we will strive to become a maternal and child brand that more babies and families can trust and be warmed by. Give trust and a sense of security with safe and authoritative medical parenting concepts and knowledge, and guard the growth of babies with Japanese ingenuity, creating an intimate and loving feeding environment, allowing babies to grow in a balance of freedom and restriction.

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