YoloLiv Releases the 2022 Live Selling White Paper on How Live Selling Transforms Online Shopping in the Post-COVID Era

YoloLiv Releases the 2022 Live Selling White Paper on How Live Selling Transforms Online Shopping in the Post-COVID Era

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On January 25th, Tuesday, YoloLiv released its 2022 Live Selling White Paper, outlining how live selling will accelerate digital eCommerce transformation globally.

The white paper articulates the marketing opportunities for retailers and influencers in 2022, in terms of using live selling as an effective way to boost sales and grow their business. The white paper also covers the development of live selling, key takeaways from Chinese live selling marketing, analysis of the current live selling platforms & interface, and practical strategies & instructions for beginners to want to sell live, etc.

Located in Hangzhou/China, the headquarter city of Alibaba, YoloLiv is a leading tech startup dedicated to the live streaming hardware, software, enterprise applications, with the mission to make professional live streams accessible for everyone. As the top live streaming brand, YoloLiv aims to shape the future of live video by building and perfecting an ecosystem with hardware, software, service and solution.

"YoloLiv is on the mission to build the next-generation live streaming tools. That means we are always the pioneer in the live streaming industry, and we believe that live selling could be the future of retail, and will lead the social selling revolution in 2022," said Frank Zhu, head of sales & marketing at YoloLiv. "By focusing on live selling solutions and upgrading our product feature - YoloLiv will work with industry partners to make this vision for live selling a reality, help millions of small businesses grow with live video"

Live Selling  The Future of Retail - 2022 YoloLiv White Paper outlines key trends for next-generation mobile communications, including:

Live Selling

  • What exactly is live selling
  • What we can learn from China
  • Why sell live
  • Which product and audiences
  • Live selling platforms
  • Basic Live Selling Interface Components

Get Started

  • Entry / intermediate / professional level live selling gear
  • Setup your live selling Studio
  • Team & host
  • Content tips
  • Overlays & graphics
  • Chroma key

Get Viewers

  • How to promote your live selling event
  • How to sell more products
  • Stream globally

The Future

  • Why the next big thing in retail
  • What's next for live selling

Check List

  • Before you go live
  • When you go live
  • After you go live

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