Young Marketing Prodigy is Making a Change in the Music Industry

Xcelent Marketing helps celebrity music artist maximize digital exposure by expanding their core audience to ensure long-term success through innovative digital marketing services.

Digital marketer Xavier Allen, founder of Xcelent Marketing, spent most of his career in the music industry, with the last 2 years spent in digital marketing focused on helping music artist. Digital marketing was a natural progression with his history as a former artist and producer. He now helps both up-and-coming artist and celebrity artist expand their core fan base by boosting all social media through innovative DSP Marketing, SMS Marketing, and specific niche oriented social media advertisements.

"In the music industry there are a lot of snakes trying to take advantage of you or tear you down. I just remain calm and do what I say I know I can do. The music industry is not the only space with obstacles. Digital Marketing has some of its obstacles of its own because social media sites and algorithms change every day. If you want to be successful you must remain fearless and understand that it’s trial and error. Organization is a big key to success! Plan out your daily actions and goals and stick to them.”

Allen made the shift from his career as a producer to digital guru two years ago. He was inspired to make the transition after being inspired by social media moguls like Tai Lopez, Gary Vee and Billy Gene. That lead him into taking courses teaching digital marketing. As the years progressed, Allen found himself working with a few artists which blossomed into creating an extensive referral pipeline to drive his success to the upper echelon of hip-hop artist.

The formula of success has been to help artists understand their audience and utilize their fan base through digital marketing. “I run Facebook, Google ads, YouTube ads, Tik Tok ads towards these artists music or profiles to help them either gain more streams, views, and followers. While I am running traffic to their profiles, I’m also collecting data on demographics and psychographics. I apply all this data to help them sell their music, shows and merchandise. I also provide SMS marketing services, influencer outreach, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Strategy and of course I provide some of my music industry resources and contacts to an artist to open doors.”

Xcelent Marketing digital services use data driven analytics to determine the best digital service to focus on a preferred audience. Other forms of organic outreach methods will yield residual growth over time. It has been this customized formula that has generated massive returns for major artist throughout the US.

“Music fans all have social media behaviors that require significant research to pinpoint trends prior to the start of any social media campaign, explained Allen. Once you can forecast specific behaviors through psychographics, I can guarantee static returns.”

As a 27-year-old entrepreneur Allen’s view on success has been to always remain fearless in the face of doubt. The path of success has been largely defined on the value he gives to his clients and the world. “Success to me means when you are happy in life. My goals would be to keep landing big gigs to help household artist and upcoming artist grow through digital authority. It felt amazing being able to help a big-name artist make money and perform for their fans. There is more to come, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.”

For more information about Xcelent Marketing with Xavier Allen and to book a complimentary 20-minute discovery call, visit . Xcelent Marketing can also be followed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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