Is your boss...Good or bad?

Is your boss...Good or bad?

A survey by online employment portal JobsCentral reveals that 3 out of 4 bosses expect employees to put in overtime. Of the 3,000 respondents, 1 in 5 tattled on their bosses' bad habit of e-mailing them after work hours. Here are other tales of horrible bosses and not so horrible ones. Which one is yours?

"My bosses don't respect personal time.

"They expect you to answer your e-mails over the weekend and it's not in a 'nice to do it' way. It's more like an expectation. But I think it might just be the industry I am in."

- Jess O, 34, account director at an advertising agency

"I had been eager to learn when I was transferred to another department in the bank I was working in. But my new boss had a different idea. He kept asking me to shred paper even when it wasn't in my job scope.

"I later realised that he just wanted me to leave so he could get his own people in. After a few weeks, I had enough. On my last day before I walked out of the office, I put two fat stacks of paper into the shredder. The machine jammed. I never returned."

- Mr Teo S L, 42, trader

Mr Teo says that in 1999 the bank he worked for went through a merger and he was transferred to another department within the new company. Mr Teo was four years into his career as a junior money market trader.

Says Mr Teo: "I was keen to learn. But my new boss had a different idea. He kept asking me to shred paper even when that's not in my job scope.

"I later realised that he just wanted me to leave and get his own

"My boss does not care if we can manage it, he expects us to carry around heavy boxes of goods from the storeroom to stock up the display shelves. A colleague of mine once dropped a carton of shampoo bottles, broke four bottles and my boss deducted the woman's salary."

- Madam Chan Jingwen, 56, retail sales assistant in a haberdashery

"What I can't stand about my boss is how he will call me non-stop. He always tells us that he doesn't care if we are riding. If you don't answer his phone calls three times in one month, you will be fired. We tried explaining that sometimes we are on the expressway and it's dangerous. He'd say, 'You can always quit the job. There are many people who want this job'." - Mr Zulkifi Zaini, 40, despatch rider

"My boss does not like his staff to leave the office on time. He thinks it means we are too free and so, he will usually call for a meeting about five minutes before the official go-home time. If you tell him that you cannot make it or have other plans, he will issue warning letters because he feels we are being lazy."

- Mr Cayden Lee, 47, manager in a multinational corporation

"One of the best things I've heard a senior executive say as a team leader is 'My job is to make sure my team members build the best resume for their future'.

"This is true of all strong leaders I've reported to - they are always encouraging team members to do better, go for more training, get exposed to more people and practices and so on.

"They don't even mind if their subordinates exceed them in certain aspects of the job, because that's how you build reputation and continuity for the business and for the individual's career path."

- Mr Tan Yong Hoe, 37, an executive in a multinational corporation

"My boss is more than just a boss. She's like our friend, so much so that sometimes we take her for granted. She may expect us to work hard, but she's also ready to hear us out when we are behind schedule."

- Ms Rina Wong, 43, accounts executive in a trading firm. She's worked there for eight years.

"My boss is the reason why I have stayed in my job for this long. His instructions are always concise and clear. He considers it important that we are happy in our jobs and are proud of ourselves. He will challenge us to perform to the best of our ability but when we fail, he'll always encourage us not to give up and assure us that we will do better next time."

- Mr Tan Keat Meng, 32, project manager, worked for three years

"There is no job that is too lowly for my boss. Sometimes when we get so busy at work, she won't even mind doing things like helping with the photocopying or making tea for our clients."

- Miss Yanni Chiam, 37, administrative assistant, worked for about three years in the real estate company

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