YourTV - Vietnamese Startup Looks to Expand Globally

SINGAPORE, May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- YourTV Group, a leading Vietnamese technical and digital content company, is looking to build a global presence.

Mr. Han (right corner, in red tie) in the Finale of ‘Vietnam’s Talent Tour 2017’ – an original gameshow produced by YourTV
Mr. Han (right corner, in red tie) in the Finale of ‘Vietnam’s Talent Tour 2017’ – an original gameshow produced by YourTV


Mr. Huu Hai Han, YourTV founder and CEO, announced to move YourTV Group headquarter from Hanoi, Vietnam to Singapore as the first step of its global ambition. "Our aim is to further leverage Singapore's strategic location and unparalleled connectivity to many key markets," said Mr. Han.  The grand opening of YourTV's new headquarter in Singapore is planned to take place in mid-May 2018.

YourTV Group was founded in 2013 in Vietnam from a wish of helping Mr. Han's close friend, a very talented entertainer to earn an extra income to finance his career in performance by selling his performance video. YourTV was, therefore, at the beginning primarily oriented towards streaming media, video-on-demand from Vietnamese performing artistes, entertainers, content agencies and production companies.  Each content creator or organization can own one to several channels on YourTV platform i.e. where they can display exclusive premium video contents with comprehensive supports from YourTV team. Users, then, can subscribe and watch unlimited video from their favorite channel with the price at only 2.000 VND (~0.088 USD) per day. Thanks to strategic partnership with Vietnam's telco giants all Vietnamese could seamlessly access, make payment to and enjoy their favorite channels via mobile SMS. Customers are even offered free 3G/4G data if videos are watched at their smartphones. Throughout its development YourTV has broadened partnerships with content creators to other aspects of life such as education, travelling, and sports etc.; and produced YourTV original gameshow and concerts. In 2017 YourTV also introduced its updated version with the addition of advertising-supported-livestream channels.

After years of effort YourTV has created its own mark in Vietnam's video-on-demand industry. It is now aiming to turn a Vietnamese phenomenon to a global one. "We are open to adjusting and adapting to the world and turning ourselves into an international peer-to-peer video platform between content creators and end users. Thus, we are sincerely seeking fruitful collaborations with talent content creators and organization regardless of language barriers; and strategic partnerships with telco and payment companies disregarding frontiers. Together we can bring our work to the world," said Mr. Han.


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