Yuanben Blockchain and Japanese Advertising Giant Hakuhodo Working Together to Make Consumers Fall in Love with Advertising

TOKYO, Feb. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Japanese advertising giant Hakuhodo released a message on their official website on January 31, indicating the company would now be working with a Chinese blockchain technology service provider, Yuanben, and a famous Japanese company United, to develop a new form of digital advertising based on the blockchain business model, Collectable AD.

In this innovative model, consumers are no longer just passive recipients of advertising, but participate in its spread and circulation. By gamifying the process, the platform enables users to read, collect and exchange designated digital advertisements; complete preset tasks; and obtain various promotional offers and rewards provided by advertisers.

Collectable ADĀ uses blockchain technology to convert advertising on news and media websites to transferableĀ digital assets shared by the users. Consumers are not only shown relevant and interactive advertisements, but are also rewarded for their participation.

Collect digital ads, Exchange collection, Receive rewards
Collect digital ads, Exchange collection, Receive rewards

"The blockchain can quickly and securely confirm the ownership of digital advertising assets and ensure the transfer of ownership is transparent and unable to be tampered with," said Yuanben blockchain CTO Ganlu. "As advertising platform traffic and user bases grow, digital ads can be freely shared and re-shared amongst consumers much like a card game; this in turn helps to solve the problem of inappropriate advertising. Meanwhile, the private computing and zero-knowledge proof technology may also become the key to solving the traffic fraud problem and create more value for advertisers."

Yuanben blockchain is the world's leading enterprise-level blockchain service provider, providing trusted data intelligence services to enterprises. Partners and client groups include Internet courts, media organizations, advertising groups, copyright societies, logistics firms, mobile devices and more. Since its inception in 2016, the company has been committed to building a "blockchain+" trusted business infrastructure ecosystem. In 2018, based on the successful experience of enterprise-level blockchain services, the original team created the first value content ecosystem called Primas, based on the Distributed Trusted Content Protocol (DTCP).

"We believe the four technologies ABCD - AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Big Data are gradually becoming the important 'weapons' for enabling entities. As the first team to enter the trusted data intelligence service industry, we hope to promote these technologies and entities and use the technology to drive innovation in various industries," said Wu Peng, CEO of Yuanben blockchain.

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