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yufin marks growth milestone with a suite of partnerships to support SME merchants in the Philippines

yufin marks growth milestone with a suite of partnerships to support SME merchants in the Philippines

DAVAO CITY, Philippines, Oct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- yufin, a merchant fintech platform that enables SMEs in the Philippines to access and thrive in the digital economy, today announced a series of partnerships to bring new services and opportunities to its rapidly growing merchant community.

yufin's ecosystem partnerships come as the number of small businesses signed up to the yufin platform crossed 30,000.

The ecosystem partnerships include Lots for Less, a leading Mindanao FMCG wholesaler, that will make its best-selling items available to yufin merchants within the yufin app; Transportify, a delivery firm, that will offer merchants the ability to deliver and get stocks from wholesalers; and Vivamax, Inc., the leading content and entertainment company in the Philippines, serving streaming content.

"As the financial growth engine for small merchants, these new partnerships will create more reasons for digital payment for our small merchants, their shoppers and suppliers. They will also save time and enable merchants to offer their customers' needed products and services easily and conveniently, while increasing their own revenue," said Shubhrendu Khoche, Co-founder and President, yufin Philippines on the new partnerships. "We are delighted to welcome our new non-financial services partners to yufin and look forward to working with them to help our merchants prosper and serve their customers better, while exploring more path-breaking partnerships to enhance and support our yufin merchant community."

"Lots for Less is integrating with the yufin app to respond to the growing needs of the market and to help us better reach our customers," added Kathryn L., General Manager, Lots for Less.

"By offering Transportify Philippines' smart access to various delivery options and real-time tracking via our integration with the yufin app, we enable small merchants to focus on their core business while ensuring efficient deliveries to customers and smooth interactions with wholesalers." said Kathlyn Yap, Regional Manager, Transportify.

"We welcome our new Vivamax and Vivaone distributor partner, yufin. This partnership will promote Filipino entertainment at its best and also help us take the Pinoy online "sine-experience" via a seamless app and web streaming to more users," said Marlon Henry Sagad, Sales Manager, Vivamax.

Through the onboarding of digital marketplaces and access to sachetised digital financial services, commerce and content, yufin aims to help small merchants increase their revenue; by becoming the last-mile distribution points for more digital services and easing the payment process for shoppers and suppliers with the addition of more digital payment options.

With these partnerships, yufin will continue its drive and commitment to offering better ways to pay, save, insure and invest to its small merchants and their shoppers.

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About yufin

yufin is Miti Ventures merchant services brand. Developed in Southeast Asia, the yufin fintech platform is an easy-to-use growth engine designed to help millions of small businesses in emerging markets get bigger, raising income levels and giving them access to the digital economy.

yufin saves merchants time, helps them get online, accept digital payments, manage transactions, inventory and debtors, sell more and access cheaper working capital. Launched in the Philippines in 2022 with the backing of credible early-stage investors and an experienced management team, the yufin platform and model is highly scalable and portable to other emerging markets where small businesses need access to the digital economy to grow.

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