Yugo Revenues Surge Year-on-Year from Increase of Demand of Private Flights

SINGAPORE, Sept. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Yugo private aviation company has recorded a surge in its revenues achieved by an adapted response to the increased demand for private charter flights in Europe and Asia. During the first 6 months of 2021, the company's turnover has grown by more than 200% versus 2020.

The aviation company operating regionally within Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Cambodia, has registered a surge in flights requests from several parts of Asia as well as from Europe, for bookings of special flights for VIP customers for business or leisure, cargo flights, medical and of last mile air mobility transfers in urban settings.

Yugo has developed a technology enabling customers to be able within few clicks, based on their preferences, to request and search flights of private jets and helicopters from a curated inventory of available flights and routes, which are growing each month.

Amid severe restrictions due to the COVID-19 Delta Variant, the company has missed a lot of the opportunities, which came up this year.

According to Jim Baldy, CEO of Yugo: "Our mission is to provide the possibility for our customers to fly private anywhere, anytime, by helicopters or private jets." He adds: "Today, the challenge for our team consists in the variety of the requests we receive, which span from light jets to long-range across our top 30 destinations."

To best answer the requirements of the growing number of customers, the team at Yugo has built a fleet and network of more than 350 aircrafts it has access to. Among the aircrafts available for charter, Yugo has selected the most sought-after brands, including from the aviation industry's best aircrafts manufacturers such as Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon Jets, Bombardier, Cessna Textron Aviation and Embraer private jets as well as Bell, Airbus, Leonardo or Robinson helicopters. The aircrafts thoroughly selected for the safety and privacy of passengers.

The Asian region is still very much impacted by the Delta Variant wave, which has peaked in several countries in Southeast Asia. The market recovery is uncertain at the moment and will take quite some time to pick up. Nevertheless, Yugo's team is putting a lot of efforts in continuing to provide the best services to customers with needs to fly private within Asia Pacific as well as to other part of the world.

About Yugo

Yugo Global Industries Pte Ltd is a private aviation company that focuses on providing private flights by helicopters and business jets at optimized costs anywhere, anytime. Yugo's flight services are powered by its air mobility platform and its global network throughout Asia Pacific.

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