Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World Offers Family-centric Holiday Experience with The Opening of New Dolphin Bay Hotel

Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World Offers Family-centric Holiday Experience with The Opening of New Dolphin Bay Hotel

CHENGJIANG, China, June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dolphin Bay Hotel (the "Hotel"), a Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd project, opened to the public on May 30, offering guests premium ocean-themed rooms and a host of immersive, family-centric entertainment activities. 

Nestled on the northeastern side of Fuxian Lake, the Hotel is the second to open in the park which is the first to combine a luxury holiday resort with a world heritage archaeology themed-parks, shopping and performance.

Perfect for the Whole Family 

"The number of family-centric vacation packages that offer engaging, family-friendly experiences reached new heights in China over the last few years. However, few holiday options in western China can offer the same educational yet entertaining experiences as Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World", said Chen Guanquan, General Manager of Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd, "Set against the backdrop of a World Heritage Site, the Dolphin Bay Hotel will provide a world-class service and experiences with facilities and activities specially designed for families."

"The opening of the Dolphin Bay Hotel also marks another milestone in the creation of China's first archaeology themed holiday resort, paving the way for the further expansion of the park next year", he added.

Located in the northwestern corner of the theme park complex, the Dolphin Bay Hotel is surrounded by the breathtaking and poetic scenery of Fuxian Lake and sits beside the Happy Kingdom amusement park. With a range of amenities, the hotel offers luxurious accommodation with the unique and immersive ocean-themed dolphin, white whale, shark and jellyfish decor. 

Dolphin Bay Hotel offers a series of story-based activities that bring children to learn the awe-inspiring ocean ecosystem and invites families to embark on an engaging and journey into the aquatic. Fun and inspirational, the Hotel also provides a variety of entertaining facilities and lessons covering scuba diving, camping and baking.

In addition, the hotel is also designed for festive celebrations and banquets of all sizes: The gourmet aquatic-themed restaurant captures the heart of ocean; The aquarium in the hotel lobby features romantic and beautiful mermaid performances; At the rainbow bar, visitors can enjoy a relaxing day, lounging by the pool or snuggling up with their favorite cocktails while soaking in the serenity of the idyllic and breathtaking Yunnan landscape.

"With Dolphin Bay Hotel, we wish to usher in the prelude of this year's summer holiday for families through our stylish suites, a vast array of entertainment facilities and immersing activities, offering an unprecedented and unique holiday experience for visitors from all over the world", said Ricky Li, General Manager of Dolphin Bay Hotel.

Ready to Witness China's First Archeology-themed Holiday Resort

Cambrian Town Happy World is celebrated as one of the top 10 tourism projects in Yunnan province. The archeology-themed holiday resort is designed to showcase the abundant biodiversity of the region as well as its unique contemporary culture within natural Chinese scenery, integrating world-class hotels, theme parks, aquariums, nature reserve and zoo to deliver the ultimate vacation experience for couples, families and groups.

Born from a vision to create a world-class holiday resort by merging cultural tourism with the world heritage Chengjiang fossil site which presents an exceptional record of early Cambrian aquatic communities, Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World is devoted to the preservation and understanding of the unique geological features of Yunnan province while creating a new image of the region.

Serving both vacation seekers and business professionals, Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World aims to ensure a sense of genuine belonging and the chance to encounter life-enhancing discoveries by offering multi-faceted holiday options spanning education, tourism, business conference and shopping. Following the opening of the Dolphin Bay Hotel, the ocean park, circus and commercial streets are soon to open in the next year.

"For years, we have led the effort to drive the tourism industry forward in China. At Yunnan Cambrian Town Happy World, we set to build a world-class, one-of-a-kind holiday resort that combines education, nature and culture for the visitors worldwide", said Chen Rongsheng, President of Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd.

About Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd 

Shanghai Baihui Xingrong Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., together with its subsidiary companies including the South Happy World Investment Holdings Co., Ltd, the Fujian Changtai Mount Tianzhu Tourism Development Co., Ltd, and the Zhejiang FTA Happy World Investment Holdings Co., Ltd, has formed a tourism cluster that covers east, southeast and southwest of China. With its unique attractions, Fuxian Lake Happy World, Mount Tianzhu Happy World, Zhoushan Happy World and Longhai Happy World, the company aims to create a new tourist map of China.

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